Beauty ( and hope )

I am going to try to keep this one uncharacteristically short..  here goes..

I have a critical eye and I’m honest. If you really want to know if something makes you look fatter, or thinner or looks good, I’ll tell you honestly what I think.  Normally, I think I am fairly good as judging how a face or body stacks up against the general population.  And that goes for men and women.  Take the recently deceased George Michael.  If you asked me, I’d say he was hot in his day.  Same with Christie Brinkley.  These may not be your kind of beauty, but you can at least acknowledge I am in the ball park for generally hot people.

So when I look at my slave, do I see a drop dead gorgeous girl everyone wants?  No, I don’t.  But then to me, she is.  I have thought about this a great length.

On New Years Eve, as she sat beside me I turned and looked at her and so help me God she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.  Meanwhile, one part of me was staying objective.  One part of my mind was asking: Would anyone else agree?  So I looked objectively and I couldn’t find any reason another person wouldn’t agree. I can still see that moment in my minds eye.

It was the kitchen, she was sitting on my right as is her protocol.  On her right side, which was farthest from me, her hair hung down just past her eye and then over her breast in a photogenic kind of way.   On her left side, the side facing me, she had tucked her long hair behind her ear and the sparkle of a beautiful dangling earring shone in the light.  Her jaw line was well defined in the kitchen light.  Her lips were full, pouty, and her eyes were crowned by dark eyebrows that were not too heavy.  In short, her contrasts were striking.  She was breathtaking… and I told her so.. You just look so beautiful tonight.. I might have said.

Times when this happens, my heart tugs at me, full of love and appreciation for this property I own.  I know that others might not agree.  She’s isn’t firm like an 18 year old, or fat free, but I am simply struck at times with her beauty just the same. Many are the times I have simply been over-whelmed with feeling for her, and my critical eye is once again struck with her beauty.  But then other times not.  Is it simply what I am feeling that makes me see?

Its been said, love is blind.  Its been said that we see our lovers through rose colored glasses.  I get it.  At such times, I might be under an influence but if I am, it’s too deep for my objective side to untangle.  Maybe I am “Shallow Hal” under the influence.. I don’t care.  I like it. AND there is something to learn here.

If we can learn to love another person for who they are, to be attracted on all levels, to be infatuated for who they are, isn’t that a good thing?  Does it really matter what anyone else thinks?  There is hope for us all.  I am quite a bit older than Izrina, yet she loves me in return.  As a Master, I think I’m a catch, but not so much for my age.  BDSM seems to have more than its fair share of people who are attracted on a level that makes them seem an unlikely match. A word of cautions about “finding” that special someone, in the form of a quote:

Just remember that what you seek you will not find, but in the path of your happiness, when you are loving life the most, what you were seeking will find you. ~ X Quote

Let’s revisit the question: Would everyone else desire her as well?  If we are talking about TPE Masters, the answer is  “Hell yes!” A Master who has gotten past the stupid notion of collecting a stable of hot bodies, and is ready to get serious about finding the slave that will fit, THAT Master would simply love to own my property. She’s valuable property, and I know it.  It needs to be said, and I know it, that a huge part of my attraction is the slave that she is, the submission she gives with such grace.  It is her inner beauty that attracts me first. There are some outwardly beautiful women that are ugly and repulsive to me.  Beauty starts from the inside and flows from there.

All of this is  just one more reason why BDSM is the only way of life for me.  It is one more reason why I think we have answers for nillas if they could hear. Its why, if you haven’t found the one yet, there is still hope.  Attraction in BDSM runs much deeper, and when you connect on that level, any person can become more beautiful than you can imagine.  I know. I am speaking from experience here.  If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right, baby, yeah!

Failure!.. Thought this would be a few paragraphs.. Ha!  Never give a soapbox to a Dominant!  Carpe Diem, my friends.. Nameste.

4 thoughts on “Beauty ( and hope )

  1. Namaste. When I hear you talk about your relationship, I am always struck by the beauty and honesty of it. I look at you and think “relationship goals.” 🙂

    It sounds, from the outside looking in, that you are both the most lucky people on the planet to have found what fulfills you so deeply. But then again, it isn’t luck. It takes work, and skill and perseverance.

    I would be overjoyed to read this from someone about me. Beauty fades for everyone eventually, and it really is what inside that counts.

    Kudos Sir.

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  2. I wouldn’t want to give you a false impression that there are never problems.. there are. But the good times vastly outweigh the bad. The scary part is hoping they feel the same about you, as you do about them. Nothing worse than unrequited love. After enough bad starts its hard not to be damaged goods.. to not believe its real, even though everything says it is. I guess that is the beauty in letting go.. of trusting you will be caught.. of believing your experience instead of everything else.

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  3. That’s hard. Trusting after so many false starts, yes Sir. I struggle with it.

    Anyone who says their relationship never has rough spots is full of poop. Life is life. D/s or no. ✌️


  4. Very wise words and words I live by, We as humans can easily find the bad in someone, their beauty , weight a dimple a wrinkle , hair , legs the list goes on and on.

    If the focus is on the good there is no bad , there is no fat , no wrinkles there is only beauty..

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