A slave in Walmart

First off, this is not one of those kinky blogs.  This is about me being a Master, and my slave being a slave, but it is also about being a life coach, and being a positive influence in the life of another.

We needed stuff.  We had a plan and Walmart was the easy stop.  But neither of us wanted to go.  There are the people fighting to get in or out of the mall and then the parking is a mess.  Then there are the checkout lines..  If you can count on anything it is that there will be a line at the checkout at Walmart.

If you are in a checkout line, and it gets UP to three people, and they open another checkout line, you are in a great store.  If you are in a checkout line, and it gets DOWN to three people, and they close it as unneeded, you are in Walmart….

Well, we divided and conquered, she took one side of the store and I took the other and we were still having trouble getting out of there, which didn’t help moods any.  Then the parking lot had a huge mess of people trying to get out of the mall and three people waiting to turn into a spot that someone was thinking about backing out of, after they finished a text or something, oh, and the confused person who just stopped in the middle of it all for no apparent reason… so you had to go around them AND the people waiting on backing up cars.   By the time we dodged all that and got out of there, Izrina was in a foul mood.  Me, I was OK in a philosophic kind of way, but her negativity was hard not to react to.  So I did what I do.   I shelved my feelings and waiting for later in the evening.

Later, with Izrina curled up happy in my arms, I was ready for “the talk”.  I spoke of how we should always try to let things not bother us and how we definitely should not let our frustration be projected at each other.   We can vent and support each other, but not hurl these negative vibes at each other.

Then I told her that next time, I was going to park the car and have this same discussion, and not let her out of the car until she found her center and cooled off.  She just looked at me, and I grinned… and then added, and you will probably be more frustrated and mad at me for making you do that, but oh well, you have to deal with it.  You are going to learn to find your happy place if it kills me..   we chuckled at the thought of this mini-tug of wills in the a parking lot at Walmart.

The point is..  when kids act up in Walmart, parents need to not be so busy, that they can’t take time to get the kids out of that situation, sit down, and work through it.  I bet a lot fewer kids would have tantrum, if they got more attention.  They wouldn’t get their way, but they would got more attention seasoned with “tough love”.  Same with my slave.

And that brings me to today.  I am really getting frustrated with the lack of breaks at work.  The pace has been incredible, and the pressure is mounting, and I really need some “me time” and today I left to have lunch at home with Izrina and someone sent a meeting invite that arrived after I got in the car, and it started in 15 minutes… so what was I to do?

I was already well past a normal lunch break courtesy of some other issues and had yet another meeting after this break.. that was just taken away by a last minute meeting, and damit.. the dam broke.  I was like fuck it.  I need a Goddamn life.

So I went home, got a hug from my slave, dialed in to the meeting, and then lay with my head in her lap and listened to stuff I barely needed to be involved in, while she stroked my hair.  I was very calming.

You know my admonition against hurling negative vibes?   Well she was pouring out loving vibes and just as the effect of one is bad, the effect of the other is good.  It got me to the end of the day, and I although I still worked late, I ended on an up-note feeling rather good.  Never underestimate the power of a person focusing their will and emotions at you – good or bad.

So there it is, another normal day, in this BDSM life.  Carpe Diem my friends.. go spread some good vibes…

9 thoughts on “A slave in Walmart

  1. Oh, i understand the Walmart scenario … i have what is known as the “Walmart pace” – i just want to get out of there as fast as i got in there. Luckily we do not separate, or i would likely end up in jail as i have no patience with crowds, and the lights give me a headache. LoL

    As to the work part, good for you 🙂 Work/Life balance is something we strive for. If i have to take work home, i try not to interrupt Sir, and incorporate Him even it is just for support.

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  2. I’ve lost my temper roughly three times since moving to this new town. The first happened in the first week when visiting Walmart. Everything about the place just brings out the worst in people.

    Now I avoid it like the plague and shop in Asian and Mexican supermarkets where half the people there don’t even speak English. Something about the lack of communication puts me at ease haha. It’s like neither side is obligated or capable of impacting the other, so neither side is defensive about interactions. Also the nicer shopper experience alone has everyone in a better mood.

    Welp now I’m rambling. I’ll stop.

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  3. Lost your temper? How un-MAsterly of you.. But this is my rule on that.. I get to cuss and bitch as much as I want in my car.. as long as it doesn’t come out as hostility in action towards anyone.. not in my vibe, or my driving, or my tone.

    I LOVE the idea of shopping in a market that is primarily in another language.. What an awesome idea!


  4. Arianna was complaining about Walmart .
    I go just so I can validate how normal I really am.

    So I tell Arianna to make a shopping list .

    I sit down , login to Walmart
    Complete list , I take Ariannas phone download the app and tell her to go to Walmart tomorrow at 3 pm pull in at the north in of the building and park.
    Soon a Walmart employee tapped on her window and said she had her order.

    Again the only reason I go to Walmart now is validation

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  5. Coming to a Walmart near you.. the internet checkout drive up window.. Make sure to check your order before leaving the drive up window.. I can’t wait to be in line behind the mini-van checking their weekly grocery order…

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