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- I have wondered what it might be like to be less physically capable, and still be a Dominant.  I’ve wondered what kind of woman would bind herself to an elderly man that she would have to care for.  I am going to answer that question with two videos.   If you have not seen this […]
“How to be gay”, or a Master - So, where the hell did the title for this blog come from?  Let me peel back the skull cap for a  twisting, turning look at all the thoughts that lead up to this blog and its wildly inappropriate title. This is going to be a long one, so take a back seat and prepare to […]
“My Master” and other things bigger than ourselves - My slave is not allowed to utter the words, “My Master”.  I own her.  She does not own me.  Ah…. but how infinitely desirable is it to a slave to be able to speak these words?  How completely bland and tasteless, how abjectly lacking in emotional content is the replacement.. “the Master I serve”?  I […]
“Taking” Izrina - I don’t know if this is common or not.  It’s not a subject that comes up a lot.  When my slave experiences an orgasm, I consider it a gift to me. Sex is, at least for me, a somewhat primal thing.  Its a “taking thing”.  It is hard for me to see impaling my slave […]
“This slave” - I got a text, it read: “This slave needs a nap” Because I tend to reflect on every aspect of my Master/slave relation, this short sentence is fodder for a blog. At first, the nilla side of me noticed the third person speech, and flinched at the raw objectification.  But she IS an object, albeit […]
0Oooooo! Shiny! - Never dangle shiny things in front of a squirrel, and never dangle a squirrel in front of a dog..~ And you can quote me!   Hmmmm but maybe together they might be OK? right?  Formula probably calls for an excess of alcohol though, just saying. I had to do it.  A little bit of playing around […]
1950’s housewife headaches - When you start a 1950’s housewife Master/slave relation you don’t expect to hear: “Not now dear, I have a headache”.  Seriously..  When I want some slave action, its go time. That being said, any Master worth their salt is going to care about the health of their slave.  Much like an employer you expect your […]
3 am - 3 am… I woke from a dream in which my uncle had died.. It caused me to reflect on my life.. and I resolved to do more meaningful things with the time I have left, but then I checked my social media, and Fetlife, then my work email.. responded to some unattended work.. did some […]
A day for freedom - Fourth of July, 2018.  A USA holiday.. Humid and ghastly hot, the sun played peek-a-boo with clouds.  Off in the distance thunder rolled.  On a hill top over looking a tree laden valley with a river running through it, an odd group of people gathered.  The sound of running water could be heard quite clearly. […]
A BDSM central authority (and sleep) - One question that came up the other night was.. If you had the magical power to change one thing about BDSM,  in general, what would that change be? That conversation wandered about, and one person jokingly said that persons that were assholes would glow in the dark so we could keep better eye on them.  […]
A Cane, and its pain, can heal - Somewhere between a diary.. and a workshop, lies this blog.. Saturday night was fire play, and afterward a person whose opinion I value said:  I don’t want this to sound like an insult, so how can I say this.. Your play tonight seemed less sadistic. Now if you read my accounting and are not into […]
A celebration - Fourth of July will be our first yearly collaring celebration.    What does that mean?   It means we’ll renew our vows.  Not really a startling concept.  A Master I knew used to have a yearly contract with his slave that was renewed each year. Renewal, like spring, is not a bad idea.  It is very easy […]
A change of perspective - Hate hurts the one who holds it… Nothing good is accomplished in Anger… We are so caught up in our electronic lives these days that sometimes we forget to step outside, take a deep breath, and appreciate the beauty and calming effect of nature. I ran into someone on Twitter the other day who does […]
A collar and fire - So, the time has come to write of this weekend.  What can I say?  I walked in knowing I am a Master, I walked out a feeling like the Master I knew myself to be.  It was a glorious evening in every way.  It was a night for Raven and the Fairy Queen… but as […]
A College weekend - When you think of a College weekend, you most likely get a vision of a campus and wild parties and maybe even the opportunity to hook up with someone exciting.  Well I am long past that kind of College weekend. When I go to visit my daughter at her College apartment, it is usually fun, […]
A friend and a partner - I don’t have a lot of time to go into this today.  A friend and a partner has passed away.  A much beloved horse, who was dear to Izrina died in the early am yesterday. I could go into the spiritual side, that all living things are connect on another level, that every blade of […]
A guided negotiation - It was my pleasure to guide a very new BDSM couple through their first negotiation last evening.  Izrina out did herself in a marvelous meal of mayo-crusted chicken, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, ranch veggie medley, and slow cooker Apple Crisp for dessert. After 7pm protocol, we settled in to discussions.  They will not be […]
A Halloween party - Covid is surging everywhere, so going to a Halloween party was probably a risk. I knew everyone in attendance and I’m glad we went. The host will be moving soon… many, many hours away. The USA is a big country and its entirely possible to relocate in the USA to a place where you have […]
A hot start to 2020… - So while guests chowed down on garden salad, chips, dips, veggies, crackers, cheese and meats..  I fired up the grill and applied generous amounts of salt, pepper, and BBQ sauce to chicken and steaks, then finished them off with a light topping of Parmesan cheese.  The steaks were cut into thin strips that melted in […]
A last minute invite - My daughter’s friend asked if she could come over for seven pm protocol this evening.  We had chicken with veggies and chocolate ice cream for desert.   Conversation as you can well imagine frequently touched on the subject for which excitement is slowly building.. the upcoming final collar ceremony. Some of the other friends of my […]
A little place in Alaska - Some days I just want to retire from the human race, find a quiet spot in Alaska far from any humans, create a little paradise of my own with Izrina and be done with it all. Positive thought begets positive results.  Negative thought begets a negative outcome. Not sure how that fits with my Alaska […]
A little slave pampering - i love my slave the way that I love my Mustang and Jeep. I beat all three pretty hard when I play with them but then I lovingly clean them up for next time. My slave was looking forward to our getaway in the Poconos and was especially loving..curled up against Master at every chance. […]
A movie, and laughter - This weekend I took my property to a movie.  We saw the new “Independence Day” movie.  It was good.  Lots of wonderful Sci-Fi scenes and action and an unexpected amount of comic relief that I quite enjoyed.  Sitting together in the dark, Jeff Goldblum or some other character would drop something unexpected into the drama […]
A new beginning - I’ve started blogs before.  MySpace, FaceBook, Blogger, GooglePlus.  They gain popularity, then fade or your words get lost in the clutter, sniping, and struggle to create and hold an audience.  These mediums all seems so transient, feeding a need for constant stimulation.  It’s the same old stuff, regurgitated over and over, always in new ways.  […]
A new collaring at HOX - I met this stunning beauty with red hair, collared her and took her home to the House of X.  Now… Izrina and I are not Poly.  Izrina didn’t pout.  In fact, I think Izrina might love her more than I do.  So now I am the Master of two girls in HOX.  It was a […]
A new friend - ONLY one hundred miles from New York City but it gets pretty rural out here in the Hudson and Delaware valleys. Particularly in this part of Pennsylvania. Lots of trees and waterfalls. Any event we want to go to usually involves at least a one hour drive. There are a few kinky people in the […]
a new workshop, old problem - The thoughts are just churning away.. yeah. can’t sleep.  So a word on some of what I am thinking about… First, next Month I give away Raven in her collaring ceremony.  Big moment.  About three years ago, she worn another collar and the Master who owned it refused to remove it.  Now, fast forward and […]
A nightmare - I was sound asleep and woke from a disturbing dream.  I was with two friends and we had this idea for a thought provoking film.   We didn’t want to make a big deal of it. just a little something but we needed a location.   So we approached another friend for the location and we cranked […]
A picnic, a grandmother, & bite marks - A picnic – So as mentioned, I took my 80 something mother to our love of leather picnic today.  Also my 18 year old daughter. Three generations, with me the lone male in the middle.  Its an interesting scenario, and interesting it was.  It was entirely too fucking hot though..  The Fword is inappropriate, yes, […]
A second last Bacardi in Vegas - So, I am here in Vegas sipping my Bacardi and coke, packed and ready for the long haul home tomorrow.  I’ve read a few blogs, answered a question or two, and now my mind as turned to the subject.. what to write about tonight… Tonight, I just want to say it.. I’m a dick.  Not […]
A shallow dive into philosophy - David Home, a Scottish philosopher, born May 7th 1711, and died August 25th 1776 at the age of 65, put forth this question: Suppose a child is born with no senses.. no touch, sight, sound, taste, smell.  This child has no way of obtaining any information from senses.  Further suppose this child is kept alive […]
A slave has THREE choices - This is old and replace by this >  DRAFT TWO.  Why not delete this one then?  I think it helps see that this concept when through an evolution, that I didn’t just arrive at this and declare it.  That through conversation, feedback, and thought, I arrived at the thoughts in draft two.  I believe in […]
A slave has THREE choices – draft two - Note, this is cross published from my Dominant support group in Fetlife which can be seen here.  (You will need a Fetlife account to view) Also, the FINAL DRAFT can be found here: A slave has three responsibilities A slave has three areas of choice When I first proposed that a slave has three choices, […]
a slave in the wind - Easter weekend.  I am off to wild country in the Virginia’s for some luxury living and horseback riding.  Before we ride the four footed ponies, I’ll put the top down on the convertible and we’ll enjoy some sun.. . Hmmmm a warm sun, and Izrina by my side… the interstate wind whipping through her hair […]
A slave in Walmart - First off, this is not one of those kinky blogs.  This is about me being a Master, and my slave being a slave, but it is also about being a life coach, and being a positive influence in the life of another. We needed stuff.  We had a plan and Walmart was the easy stop.  […]
A slaves mistake - That last blog fired up my memories,  and my creative writing juices…   The dungeon was painted in dark colors, but warm people mingled about food and drinks that was laid out for this gathering, and on the couches and seats spread about the place.  He stood, mostly alone, mostly looking down.  An awkward solitary […]
A strong will - Jian Ghomeshi won his appeal.  His lawyer, a woman, is now being threatened with losing speaking engagements.  Her presence is a little too strong.. After reading a few news articles, I wrote this: If you advocate change, you do it by changing laws, and you start preparing to change laws by listening to your opponents. […]
A suggestion, if I may - A great book, like a journey shared, reminds us not to rush to the end too quickly less we neglect enjoying the experiences collected along the way ~Xtac Quote Izrina read again tonight.  I truly love the experience of her voice as the story unfolds, with its twists and turns, as our heroes suffer setbacks, […]
A tale of two…. Masters - Everyone and I do mean everyone has someone or something they are subservient to.  I have said it many times, we live in a web of various power systems and in these systems we seek to find our place of comfort.  I won’t however go off on that point, as it detracts from my main […]
A teaser…. - As I mentioned, the St Andrews is coming along beautifully..  but its slow going due to the detail work.. A little teaser.. we just finished detailing the trim that goes around the Fire\Violet wand table it becomes when its laid down. The trim is done in Red Mahogany stain with green and gold inlaid highlights.  […]
A woman and her cat - A woman and her cat – There once was a woman who had a cat and when she came home at night she and the cat were very cozy and happy together.  Then the cat had kittens and she couldn’t part with them all and kept a few.  Each kitten became a cat and each […]
Absolutes are a bitch - Its true that… Too much of a good thing is never enough!   Its OK to be greedy for more as long as you don’t allow it to become an unbearable pain. But the unbearable pain of too much love is just fine. So is unbearable pain OK or not? Why is one unbearable pain […]
Act your age.. - There are things that change as you age.  Somethings we know.. acne for example.   Most people get it when their hormone start to rage, but then it subsides… usually.   We know that the menstruation cycle will show up, and then there will be a time of hot flashes as it fades.   We know […]
Aftercare and sub drop - AFTER CARE Some bottoms don’t seem to need aftercare.  Right after a scene they pop right up and are speaking and talking right away.  Others go into a stupor and can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour before they seem ready to communicate with the world again. Some tops don’t do aftercare.  They […]
All mine! and a haiku - I was lying in bed…a beautiful flogger bunny butt pressing against me so that I was excited.  The warmth spread up my thighs and into my heart.   I really do love my most valuable possession.  I held her tightly and whispered.. as I began kissing behind her ear and down her neck.  Mine, mine, mine […]
All things, Saint Andrews - I had a request to provide a “How to” for making a St Andrews cross. What’s in a Name? – The St. Andrew’s Cross, crux decussata, X-cross, X-frame or saltire cross is a common piece of equipment in BDSM dungeons. It typically provides restraining points for ankles, wrists, and waist. When secured to a saltire, […]
All this sin,and I sleep - Around 18 hours ago I got up to do a few things before heading to Vegas.  All tasks, travel, flights, and check-ins are behind me at last.  Here I sit in my hotel in Sin city and all I want to do is collapse.  Its 1:30 am here but my brain still thinks its 4:30 […]
Alpha’s - Bright sunshine over lazy curling smoke from embers of the fire that men and women huddled around the night before.  The hunters return.  The biggest, the strongest, the alpha’s of this prehistoric human tribe rest.. one of them is injured and those that stayed behind now begin to strip the carcass of its fur for […]
Amputation! - Izrina is traveling for the next ten days.  It feels like an amputation.  As I said as she left, “you are part of me”.  This is true in a very real sense. When you undertake to start a full time total power exchange or TPE.. your slave becomes an extension of your will.  To own […]
An early Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving.  Its a time of good food, and good company.  Of course in other countries, its on different dates and known by other names, like the Harvest Festival.   For me, growing up in the US, it comes at the end of November, and on a Thursday morning, the kitchen begins to fill with wonderful smells: […]
An evening of mixed blessings - Our New Years are always special.  We join dear friends at a house party.   Its a small gathering of BDSM people who get along well and the conversations are lively, the laughter sometimes loud. Now that the House of X is getting started, I ordered Izrina to give notice at her job.   We have two […]
An interesting choice - I was faced with an interesting choice today.   I had a rare break in my day and I could afford a lunch, which means I could have left the office, taken a stroll, had a bite to eat, and de-stressed. I had plenty of managerial work to do, but my employees are way behind and […]
An old manifesto - It has been many years since I wrote a long-ass piece (35 minutes to read) examining power from every angle. IF you have a Fetlife account you can read it here: https://fetlife.com/users/522698/posts/2478378 At that time I had not read the manifesto by the Unabomber but I am reading it now. It will take a while […]
Anal sex – every man should try this - My last blog was all about anal sex and why I fantasize but am not really keen on actually doing it.  That being said, there is one form of anal the every man should try. Did you know that when humans first form in the womb, we all begin as women?  Well, technically, we start […]
Anger - If you didn’t read my previous post, please do first.  Its here. Now.  Some might think I  wasn’t strong because I didn’t blow up, that I didn’t show that asshole the Master and Dominant that I am.  Others may think that if you are not angry at injustice, then the injustice may not be real.  […]
Anger - Time to write something I would rather not.  I would much rather tell you that I never screw up, that I am always perfect…  but then only a fool would believe such a thing.  I like to project competence that inspires confidence.  I’m going the other way on this one. To be in control, you […]
Announcing… Slave Izrina - Izrina, former nilla and long time slave in training, after years of wearing a training collar, has demonstrated to the satisfaction of Master X that this is not a passing fancy, and that she truly is a slave at heart. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I announce the plans to collar Izrina on […]
Another HOX - Another HOX meeting.. But first, the promised picture of our newly collared pet… Her scene name is “Princess X” “Princess X” inspects the candles before the next HOX meeting!   The latest meeting was a few days ago but it seems that I just can’t find any free time lately.   The meeting was wonderful even […]
Another munch – with an evil bastard - When you are first looking for kinky people it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, just dipping your toe into the kink community can make you nervous.  After a few years t becomes almost humorous thinking back on it.  Watching the people at their first munch and being much further down the road, […]
Appreciation - On a perfect morning, I awake to the smell of fresh brewed coffee beside me, and my slave performing oral service.  Noticing that am awake she mews: What is Masters pleasure this morning?  Perhaps I let her finish, or perhaps my immediate need is to have her snuggled under my arm.  At some point, content […]
Are you “likable”? - I was reading a theory proposed by Princeton University psychologists and their colleagues that people judge others based on their warmth and competence. If we graphed this, with warmth becoming stronger as it moves to the right, and Competence getting stronger as it moves up, you end up with four extremes, as noted below. Low […]
Arts and crafts - The Sand Bottle is waiting for blessings from friends… .. In another life it was a Tequila bottle ( shown for comparison ). 221 proudly displayed on the bottom in hammered copper..  I used a carefully crafted wooden anvil/form for that. Cutting off the glass threads was the easy part.. Making a cork that wouldn’t […]
As gentle as … Strength - Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is as gentle as real strength – Penelope Cruz – a character in the TV show Criminal Minds A story of pacifists.  We were watching a science fiction show tonight and in it, humans visited a world inhabited by very simple, very peaceful pacifists with the power […]
Assholes of BDSM - Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Sure, a lot of people like anal but nobody wants to deal with a really big asshole.  Seems there are a lot of us running around the BDSM community.  Yeah, I said us.   I’m one too.  I really try to be all consensual and sensitive and what […]
Back.. in the saddle again. - And by saddle I mean my online life.   I know, I know…   from time to time I just disappear from my online life.  Sorry.  Rest assured that in my real life where I live Ds full time – that life is good.  Time to share some of it.   WTF Flogging, a 101 for leather […]
BBQ time! Play time in the playroom! - We had a lovely Fourth of July Collaring celebration and before the summer passes its time for one last big BBQ/get together.   Good food and lots of it…good company and lots of it… good play..  yeah! The firepit has a new breather pipe to keep a stack of logs burning all night.  Fill the Tiki […]
BDSM and Anal sex - I am not much into anal sex…. but then again I am.   That statement will require some explanation.   When my protege asked me to take control of his slave for a night so that he could observe and learn, I readily agreed.  I had given Izrina into the hands of an older Master for […]
Be civil - In a panic some people will kill to get on a lifeboat.  Others will help people get onto a lifeboat, even at the risk of their own life. What concerns me is that for years I’ve witnessed selective cherry picking of news and events to be sent out in various media with my underlying concern […]
Beauty ( and hope ) - I am going to try to keep this one uncharacteristically short..  here goes.. I have a critical eye and I’m honest. If you really want to know if something makes you look fatter, or thinner or looks good, I’ll tell you honestly what I think.  Normally, I think I am fairly good as judging how […]
Bedroom rituals - I lie in bed, my arms folded behind my head, I wait with the confident assurance of the God of the bedroom I know myself to be.  She approaches the bed and kneels beside it, head bows and repeats the words made familiar by years of repeating the ritual.  I wait for the question.  She […]
Behavioral training – is it consensual? - Tonight, I wanted to write about training Dominants.  My slave changed my mind. So this is partly about training Dominants to be better at behavioral training, but also, its about how that training is or isn’t consensual. Some things you can’t teach people.  I have seen very mousy people announce that they want to be […]
Black, white, shades of grey - This is NOT about the book.  Its about tonight’s munch, and an epiphany.  It was a nice day.  I had lunch with my biological family, then supper with my kinky family. At the munch I had the opportunity to sit with three folk. One was very new and had questions.  I pulled out my soapbox, […]
Bondage - There are many joys in bondage.  Yes, its slow but it is also sensual and gets inside your head.  Its important for the top to remain conscious of the tactical aspects..  the touching, the feeling of rope being drawn over skin, the pinching, the restriction, the pressure on sensitive spaces, and the sense of invasion […]
Bonus blog! – Removing free will, part 2 - This is a bonus Blog!  Just a little something to throw out there because it crossed my mind.  If you are waiting on “Two Rituals, part 2”, don’t worry, its coming shortly.  Much like a dog distracted by a squirrel, or a slave by something shiny, I had to give this a moment’s attention.  Welcome […]
Borrowing an idea - It’s been said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.   Feel me breath ( one of the most fabulous places on this earth )  has long offered wrist bracelets for guests and I am thinking that now is the time for HOX to do the same.  I just placed an Amazon order for a […]
Broken promises, cock fighting - I know I promised the next blog to be a glowing report of the joys of this past weekend.  I must disappoint.  Next blog perhaps.  Things happen. It was a grueling day.  Ten straight hours.  Breakfast by my slave was grand, as was the worship at return, but days end, I needed the everyday rituals […]
Call out to me in Ecstasy… - Posted first by emdimensional, this speaks to me Wherever you may lead, Labyrinth.. And you call out in ecstasy I remember you’re my best friend I have wandered through the labyrinth I have found you at the edge of time And you call out in innocence To the wild unbroken wind I have fought to […]
Case Review – Case #105577 - I recently read a post on Fet entitled [CASE REVIEW] Case #105577 I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Fetlife over the years for not doing more to get rid of predators. In Fetlife’s earlier days you didn’t need to provide a cell phone number to get an account and you could easily create multiple […]
Charlottesville, Virginia - I was driving in my car to work and my brain was doing that rambling thing it does when I just let it jump from thought to thought.  The subject was Charlottesville and all the controversy there.  And yes, occasionally I let my brain off its leash. I thought what I might say to a […]
Checking my ego - If you follow this blog, you know that this evening was one I was really looking forward to.  I  had a rosy picture in my head of how wonderful it was going to be, when I was with my own kind.  Here’s the thing – – that doesn’t always work out the way the you […]
Chillin - My slave is out picking up pizza and another sub who needs a ride to this months HOX open house. The house is quiet. Princess X, our mini Dachshund is lying in wait under the table hoping for something yummy to fall to the floor. Soon we’ll be telling her to be quiet as new […]
Cognitive behavioral therapy - CBT teaches that a person’s core beliefs can be broken in three primary categories: Yourself, Others, and the future. Our thoughts on self, others, and the future; along with our core beliefs on these things, influences our feelings and by extension our behaviors. If we inject new core beliefs, and moderate our thoughts, we can […]
Collaring Celebration coming up - For a number of years now my slave and I open our home once a month to visitors in an event we call “HOX open house”. HOX is short for “House of X”. These are always pleasant evenings of food, talk, learning, and often play. While we look forward to these moments of being… time […]
Collaring from the heart, An”X” workshop - So, I promised an update on how the workshop went.  If you didn’t catch that in an earlier blog, Friday night I gave my workshop “Collaring from the heart”, at “Feel Me Breathe”. Feel Me Breathe, is part dungeon, part playground, part leather family center, part workshop area, and well, basically an extension of everything […]
Collaring tonight - This blog contains links to Fetlife.  You will need an account to view these links. Last night was the Love Of Leather munch.  Many of the leaders of that group are leaving and no one is stepping up to fill the roles that will become free.  I hope someone steps in to run that munch.  […]
Collaring workshop tonight - So.. tonight I’ll be dragging my slave along to my workshop.. “Collaring from the heart”.  It will be nice to have a little eye candy at my feet for this thang! Looks like sign ups have been pretty light, which is fine.  It means we’ll be more cozy, and have the opportunity to be more […]
Collars - I try to not write more than once a week so as to not make reading a chore but I just engaged with someone in which I stressed what I think is important and my top two were collars and the four areas of negotiation. I got to thinking its been a while since I […]
Collars, then and now - I’ve been asked to do my workshop, “Collaring from the heart” and so collars have been on my mind.  Funny how when you hold a thought in your head, other things start to connect to it. I was listening to a NYC area financial planner talk about scams that are made on the elderly and […]
Communicate on Valentines Day! - Communication is critical.  Especially if you want your oral service to be perfect..  A little more action on the clit…or the head..  longer strokes, faster, slower.. you know.. romantic stuff like that! Communication is really important in all aspects of a relationship certainly.  People tend to show only the good parts of themselves at the […]
Company lunchroom (& BDSM) - So.. I was in the company lunchroom, preparing a sandwich and as I was cutting it in half before bringing it back to my desk, I thought.. this would make a pretty good play knife.. nice balance, no serrations, kinda sharp, I’d have to be very careful. And then I thought.. who the hell thinks […]
Concrete and hardwood floors - What the hell does concrete and hardwood floors have to do with BDSM?  Nothing really. Unless you are busy preparing the House of X.  I bought engineered hardwood for the downstairs living room, but apparently the floor was not perfectly flat.  The flooring guy at the local home repair super store said I should put […]
Consent vs abuse - AKA Diner conversations, take 2…. I once said that the difference between abuse and consent is one fosters love while the other fosters fear. To talk about this we must dive a little deeper into the differences between truths.  There is objective truth and subjective. Objective is the alter upon which this modern world worships.  […]
Control, Ds and parenting -  I have long maintained the BDSM has something to share with the modern nilla world. The attempt to have a married couple share decisions in all areas of control simply does not work.  You can divide up areas of control but a vote by two leads to frustration.  Unless you both agree 100% of the […]
Controlling Anger - Imagine you are captured and held hostage in some dark abandoned industrial looking place. You are tied to a chair and your captor walks in. You are pissed and you begin to hurl angry words.. and taunt them.. until you get a reaction. Which response would cause more concern? 1-Your captor show visible signs of […]
Core Values and Beliefs - ZEALOTRY!  –  This life I lead has religious overtones.  Use my blog widget to search my blog for the word zealot.  I am one for BDSM.  The word seems to keep coming up.  So excuse me if this bores you, but I have been thinking lately about what defines me, what my core values and […]
CoronaVirus, Covid-19, advice - Keep calm and do your part to contain! ____..)/..________..)/..________..)/.._______..)/.._______..)/.._____ ¯¯¯¯””/(”¯¯¯¯¯¯¯””/(”¯¯¯¯¯¯¯””/(”¯¯¯¯¯¯¯””/(”¯¯¯¯¯¯¯””/(”¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Deep breaths people. Most everyone will get infected. You can’t change that but you can control some things. The key now is to delay Covid-19 as long as possible which has a very positive impact on society. 1) It keeps the max number of active […]
Coughing… and New Years - This is one of those blogs you shouldn’t read at work… We bought a ton of food for our guests at the New Years Open House at HOX.  Great food is warm and sensual and just uhhh.. ahhhhh… almost as good as sex.  Food is almost as good as sex but it isn’t AS good […]
Could go either way - May I make a suggestion?, she asked.  Of course my pet, I replied but inside my thoughts were churning.. what could she be about to ask now? HOW my slave talks to me makes a huge difference in how I react to her.  Since this is a Master-slave relation, my focus is on my pleasure, […]
Crazy hours and rabbit holes - I have been working simply crazy hours.  I haven’t taken a day off in three weeks.  Hell, I was supposed to take of Friday, but then this happened and that.  Been working at the computer at home, while Izrina plays on Xbox. I am not complaining.  I like the sense of accomplishment. I also like […]
Creative Writing – knife play - Written some time ago, I present this is semi-fictional, a collection of things I’ve done with sharp pointy things, but not all together with the same person, as presented here. The term tanto, along with other interesting knife terms can be found at one of my favorite knife sites: Knife Anatomy by Jay Fisher Edge […]