Dancing with a handful of hair

People are pouring in tonight for the North East Power exchange competitions.  Sat with folks from Pennsylvanian and Maryland and chatted..  and danced… and chatted some more.  Warm glows from this evening…

(chuckles)… At one point the conversation was about fisting, and Sno is talking in practical terms about how to make the err.. “entry” happen, and she gets very excited and passionate and to further demonstrate, she stands at the table, lifts one leg up high onto the table so that her legs are properly spread and makes a fist.  And now she begins to point at her jeans with that fist while talking about proper entry… when she realizes this is a public place and people at the table across from us are giving us funny looks.. funny!…  I love that girl!  Well, she sat down quickly and giggled and hid her head, but I couldn’t be more proud of her.  If we were all so passionate and open about sex and what makes us come alive, the world would be a better place.

So in between fun little things like that, I took Izrina out on the floor for a little bump and grind..  It’s been a while since I pulled her back by a handful of hair, into a dip on the floor..  Dancing is so hot… sexual..   We dance the way we live.. with me in control, and she at my lead..  I can feel my dominance as I pull her in hard or release her, or her submission as she smiles under my control..   We don’t tango, but it feels like that. you know what I mean?  The man proud and tall, the woman seductive and flitting about him…

Tomorrow the workshops and competitions start!  Later, some play time.  We have a masochist looking for a round robin of whip handlers..  and the pup is hoping for a nice leather massage by MasterX….  yum!!!

You know, if you took your whip or flogger and beat a rock, what would you as a sadist get out of it?  I’ll tell you what.. nothing.  It is the reactions of the person under you that gives you that “something”.  Without another person, flogging is nothing.  So if you look at this objectively, something is happening between you.  Not that I am a sadist.. I am just a temporary tattoo artist.  But to my point, some people you connect with better than others during a scene .. and sometimes the connection is so meaningful that it is hard to put into words, even after you have done and felt this for many, many years.  I said all that to say this.. a scene with pup is one of those connections.  Might even experience Dom drop. Hope so, that would be the sign that the tank is full.

Life is good my friends! Don’t have a great day, make one.. and least we forget…the best way to do that is by being someone’s great day! Carpe Diem!