The phoenix has risen!

I don’t compromise with my slave, I compromise with reality. ~ Quote – Raven Kaldera, speaking about being flexible as a Master.  In his own way, he was speaking about what I call equity of exchange, what I point to when I speak of our uncommon currency. He was speaking of the need for both parties to achieve happiness from the exchange of power.

I went to see Raven Kaldera speak this evening, and as is usually the case, he had his slave Joshua Tenpenny with him.  I love their workshops.  Raven is everything you would expect of a seasoned Master with decades of experience.  Joshua when he’s happy, gives off a vibe like a bouncy little puppy.  Its just really warm, good stuff, with lots to think about.

The juices are flowing and I have a lot to write about now, but I’ll save them for after I’ve had some rest.  I was just so excited to feel the phoenix rise, I had to get some of it on paper.  That quote by the way rocked so much I had to share it.  Yeah baby! I love when I love life.. It’s so worth the effort to get your head in a good place.  Carpe Diem, my friends.

2 thoughts on “The phoenix has risen!

  1. It is quite lovely. Its hard to explain how you can have a CNC relationship, one that strives to give 100% ownership, and yet still just be people with ordinary everyday likes and dislikes, and make it work so both Master and slave are happy. It says so much, in so few words.

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