Feeling ten feet tall…

This morning as I walked to my car with my laptop over my shoulder, I was feeling ten feet tall.  It was an incredibly insignificant small thing that felt huge.  Sometimes its the little things that count the most.  Let me set this up for you…

Things have really been coming together quite nicely lately.  It wasn’t that way, not so long ago.  Today stands in stark contrast to how its been for me in many previous years.

The house and grounds have really been coming together nicely.  We hosted the final collaring for my slave, we had wonderful friends from near and far at our side, we received blessings from really terrific community members, and we had our first HOX event.  Life is pretty good!

I need to start by mentioning that Izrina has many rules and protocols but she has only three rituals… and one happens every morning.  It is the consent ritual.   Each day we reaffirm that ours is a consensual domination, held together by love, trust, and consent.

It was a typical morning.. I had checked on the status of all things work related, shut down my laptop and was preparing to leave when Izrina started the consent ritual.  I was distracted by my preparations and gave a response without my full focus.. and when I realized this I asked her to wait.

She had prepared my coffee in my travel mug, and a lunch for my day and stood with these waiting.  My laptop bag now over my shoulder I took her face into both hands, gave her a long kiss and then touched foreheads as I told her how pleased I was to offer her the gift of my domination, and to find someone who wanted this as much as I did.

And then as I turned towards the door I said: ” I’m off to make more money so our dreams can grow”.   It was now in this moment as I walked to the car that I was struck with a sense of overwhelming joy.  Life may not be perfect but in that instant, all was right in my world.

I am king of my castle, to be a chateau someday.  I do provide.  I do nurture, guide and love my most prized possession – Izrina.  But more than that, our shared dream of being a community resource was coming together as each little project made the house and grounds nicer.

And here was I, Master of this domain, the tools of my trade on my shoulder.. a coffee and lunch prepared by my pet in hand, going forth to another day..  Just one of the many things I do to bring a dream to reality.  My cup was running over… and it was at that moment that I was humbled and yet could not shake the feeling of being a ten foot tall giant striding into the yard.  Life is good!


Carpe Diem my friends.  Be someone’s great day!



4 thoughts on “Feeling ten feet tall…

  1. Sounds so wonderful, Xtac!!! I am very happy for you, and your pet. Life is full of peaks and valleys…it inspires hope to hear about someone enjoying the warmth atop a peak! Love to you and Izrina 🙂

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