Monogamy and BDSM

Monogamy is a funny thing.. Like the girl who was serially monogamous… she only slept with the person she was dating that week.  Technically, if she broke up with the poor bloke who was the latest fling, she wasn’t cheating on anyone when the next day she picked out this week’s winner of the poke that pussy contest.

Then there was the dude who swore to his girl.. those other women meant nothing to me.. they were just sex, its you I love.  In a weird kind of way he actually was monogamous because his heart.. if he actually has one in that black hole in his chest.. was never a participant in poke the pussy..  but presumably his heart was pumping his girl’s pussy.. any one buy this line?

If you think that exchanging sticky body fluids is the key to monogamy you are sadly mistaken.. Even if you slap a bag on that thing and don’t spill inside, sex with or without body fluid bonding.. is not required for a strong connection..

As sticky that subject gets, many a married person has said to their spouse.. I want to try this BDSM thing.  They can tie and flog me but no sex, I promise.. And the hapless and gullible partner agrees, not understanding that when this is your orientation, the person who gives you what you need to feel alive, has opened a whole new world in which that person is the sun, and the center of a perfect universe.. In other words.. the spouse may be faithful by staying “sexually monogamous” but they care more for the person they are NOT having sex with, than the person they are.

Many an experienced owner and slave play in scenes.  A scene is quite different than starting a BDSM relation, but still, a scene has a level of penetration.. even if it isn’t physically sexual.  Maybe you don’t body fluid bond, but its a good question to consider..when you S&M scene with others.. is potential emotional danger to your existing relation commitments..  You have to ask yourself these questions.

But not tonight.. I’m tired and often write 1,000 word essays.  Lets mix it up and both take it slower for a change.  Chalk this up to part 1 of the Monogamy and BDSM piece I am working on.. More tomorrow.. Carpe Diem my friends.. Be someone’s great day.