Radical thoughts and epiphanies

I have some fairly radical thoughts.  Some even lead to an epiphany once in a while.  For your consideration, here are a few of my radical thoughts:

Children and wives should take the maiden name –  This is an idea from ancient Egypt and when you think about it, this makes perfect sense.  You always know the mother but you may not know the father.  If you really want the genetics of a line to be firmly tied to a last name, use the mother’s name.  When you trace your heritage.. why do we follow the men’s names backwards in time?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to follow the women?  When women take the man’s last name, tracking the genome hand off is not guaranteed.

Gay marriage should not be legalized. –  I think government has no place in approving a union sanctified by a religion.  That is to say, I don’t think the government has a place approving heterosexual marriage either.  The role of governments should be to approve contracts of joint property, so that if the relation ends, disputes can be resolved.  Government shouldn’t care about WHO owns property together.. for any reason.. age, sex, religion, orientation, whatever.  If I want my grandson to jointly own property, it shouldn’t matter.  So it certainly shouldn’t matter with a domestic partner.

Men should wear engagement rings. – When a woman is “off the market” she wears an engagement ring.  Why the hell aren’t the men off the market too?  Seems like a pretty archaic and stupid custom to me.

Blogs are like news channels –  Modern day news is more editorial content than news.  We tend to listen to the news channel that bashes the people we don’t like.  Its what I would call an echo chamber.  You only hear your own thoughts.  Blogs can be a bit like that.  You only read the blogs you like, because they echo your thoughts.

Fetlife is like politics – In politics, we put people with a left wing agenda in a room with people that have a right wind agenda, and then the fur flys!   Like politics, Fetlife sets up groups that endlessly discuss who has the right ideas and who does not. It can almost be as much fun as politics.

Ethics makes sense, morals are invasive – It makes perfect sense that in every human interaction we should seek an equitable exchange.  We should not cheat or lie, or seek to take more than we agree to in an exchange. Morals however are all about someone invading your life and telling you what behaviors they approve of, when they aren’t even invited into your life.  Fuck that shit.

Gender is attracted to biology –  I can get behind a science that says we pick mates based on biologic traits we instinctively desire to pass on to our linage. It seems to me however that of the two genders, men tend to be more shallow.  When we look at the biology of a suitable mate, we men all too often look at beauty, and physical perfection for a mate.  Women however often surprise me.  I may be way off base here, but it seems to be that women tend to look at other biological markers that have deeper significance, than men. Is that a fair observation?  Ask a man or woman in private and you might get the real answer.  Certainly its a generalization which makes that thought suspect from the start.

Democracies are doomed because of BDSM orientation – We all live in spheres of power.. with parents, and employers, and government.  We all, nilla’s included, have a general preference. We generally desire to live our lives in one of two basic ways:  as a child or as an adult.  If we want everything in our life to be taken care of for us, and are willing to give up some of our personal power for that care, we are on the left side of the political fence.  Communism promises that no one will be without a job, or a home, or food, or medical care. This mentality is also consistent with submission and living within child like responsibilities.  And if we want no one to interfere in our lives, if we want total responsibility for our lives and are willing to accept the consequences of that condition, we are on the right side of the fence.  This is the mentality of the ultra right capitalist.  This mentality is also consistent with Dominant and living with adult like responsibilities. Because one each side is diametrically opposed to the other, and yet each wants government to be shaped to their needs, we will forever be at each others throats on this.  It has been this way forever, and will forever be this way.  From the days mankind formed the first primitive cultures, when the very first villages formed, these two groups existed.. and always will exist.

I have lots more.. but that’s enough for now.