The gentleman sadist

I am not a sadist, I’m a temporary tattoo artist.  To understand that comment, you’ll need to find my earlier blog on that.  But I do have a sadistic streak and it has lead to one of the two pet name my slave has for me.  One is WEM or wicked evil man.  The other, is that I am a “gentleman sadist”.

So what exactly is a gentleman sadist?  Its a when you have the desire to show your slave the utmost care and concern for them in all the traditional ways, and yet you can not resist tormenting them at the same time.  This is often facilitated through protocols.

I will open the car door for my slave.  It makes me feel good to do this gesture of care, but then her protocol not only calls for her to wait for me to open the door, it also calls for her to not fasten her safety belt either.  I like bending over into her space, securely fastening her into place, and cinching the belt tightly across her hips, laying the strap between her breasts.

When we walk from the car to say a diner, I will offer my arm.  I like the feel of my slave on my arm.  I like contact of any sort, really.  Her protocol calls for her to walk to my right, and slightly behind.  From time to time I will stop abruptly, to see if she passes me and gets in front. She knows to watch for this now, but its still a little game I play, teasing her as she walks beside me.

When we eat, I will order her meal.  She will offer three choices from the menu to me, and I will select her meal.  I know her likes and dislikes.  She does not like onions for example.  I may for my own amusement, order them with say a cheeseburger, forcing her to ask to remove them.  Again, the gentlemen who orders for her, but then my sadistic streak comes out.

She may not eat until I allow her to start.  We have a protocol that requires that she feed me a bite of her food.  Until I say, “its delicious” she may not start eating.  Sometimes I will prolong this little game quite a while, before I allow her to start.

When the bill comes, I pay.  But I send her up with the check and force her to walk heel to toe, so that I can watch her beautiful bottom roll in lovely figure eights as she walks away from me.  Again the gentleman, with a controlling twist.

When its time to leave, I hold her coat for her, helping her into it.  As a final touch, and young gentlemen take note, you must free the ladies hair from under the coat.  I gently pull it up from under her coat and lay it across her back.  Stepping in front, I may straighten her collar and reaching behind. take a handful of that freed hair briefly.  A reminder that I am a gentleman in control.

There are many ways to be both a gentleman, and a controlling sadist and all of them are quite fun.  I highly recommend being a gentleman sadist.  It a perfect blend.  You are letting her know you care, you are in control, and even getting to be a little sadistic right under the noses of an unsuspecting public.  Mmmmm  very delicious!


4 thoughts on “The gentleman sadist

  1. Perfection. 🙂 I adore this behavior in my relationships. it makes me feel loved and cared for, protected and pampered, but also very much owned, controlled and used. Just delicious.

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  2. And that works both ways. There is a warm fuzzy feeling that comes at these times when I am being both a gentleman and an WEM. Thanks for visiting!

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