Voting – because opinions are a curious thing!

Purpose – The link to this page will be found at the top of every post along with other useful links.  This page has one purpose.  To bring together all blogs that request your vote. That way, all past, present and future votes can be found in one place.

FUN! – I am a curious fellow.. in many ways.. but that’s a longer discussion.  For me, thinking and observing and observing and thinking about people is fun.  I write for fun, and these surveys or polls are for fun.  I could give a rat’s ass about proving a point.  I beg you to join in that fun as we explore what our lives and desires mean.  Hmm however if I knew who I was speaking to.. that request might take a more commanding tone…

PM me with suggestions! If you want to see another survey, private message me on Fetlife. I am XTAC there as well as here.

Survey 01 – Identity ResearchIs there a connection between BDSM self-identity and politics?   Help explore that question together!

Survey 02 – Sorry.. I’m busy with my slave right now.. come back later.



Transparency – To my knowledge, this is entirely anonymous.  This long-ass, boring section to designed to let you know everything I know about these polls.  I am big on transparency and earning trust, so here goes.   I have looked and can’t find anything in this WordPress tool that tells ME who voted or how.  If I find out otherwise, I’ll post that information.  That being said, the internet is funded by advertising.  I can’t promise that WordPress or some other entity isn’t interested and able to link votes to WordPress accounts. If I find out otherwise about others I’ll post that as well.  Not sure who would want to know or why but I am suspicious by nature.   Oh, also this..The totals must be in a database somewhere, but it was mentioned that your vote is held on a cookie which is why you can’t vote twice.. Cookies are stored on YOUR computer.  These cookies should expire in about a week. Good tech info for you to have.

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