Wish list

Is there a subject you wish MasterX might pontificate upon?  Not saying its going to happen but what the hell.   I’ve been around quite a while and see quite a bit, and I do give a lot of thought to the Master and slave condition.

Now that I am reaching some upper years, having an age difference is no longer fantasy, its more of a reality.   There are a few other areas that make relating interesting or out of my reach.. but what the hell.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Throw your subjects as comments here.  Ideally, pose your subjects as a question or two.   If you are a blogger too, feel free to cherry pick ideas from here for your own blog.  This page is as much about sharing inspiration as it is about answers.

2 thoughts on “Wish list

  1. Teehee…so your blog has been on a really thought provoking streak, kit’s brain hurts just thinking of all the topics. So on a lighter subject kit would like to know what’s in that toy box of yours. Curiosity kills the cat, but cat has nine lives so what the hell.

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