Assholes of BDSM

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Sure, a lot of people like anal but nobody wants to deal with a really big asshole.  Seems there are a lot of us running around the BDSM community.  Yeah, I said us.   I’m one too.  I really try to be all consensual and sensitive and what not but I still have this social sadist streak a mile wide and sometimes I can’t help but rub your rhubarb the wrong way.

Take the munch I like to go to.  Their invite page was, in my less than humble opinion, in need of a professional overhaul.  So I contacted the leader and offered my services.. to make it all pretty and what not.  He was all like.. that would be great, and I was hoping to get you involved..etc…  So I put up a test page on my own site for him to look at and he took offense.. I had posted something for his group without checking with him first or with permission and I should take it down immediately.  Boy did my asshole side come out then.  We still talk, and are quite cordial but I don’t think our friendship has ever been the same.  Now don’t go taking sides.. you don’t know the flames I sent on that one, so let’s just say I did the thing I do.. slow, with no anger, but an irresistible force, hell bent on my way, damned if i am changing course.  Can you say: “Damned the torpedo’s full steam ahead!”

Or the time I was leading a Masters and slave support group.  The group has a rule.. all slaves will sit on the chairs and not at their owners feet.  The idea is to put people on equal ground.  Well, I am thinking.. my slave isn’t participating, and its my damn slave, and I get to decide what to do with her.  Who the hell are these people to tell me what to do with my slave.  LOL.. THIS in a group I am moderating.  While my points are all true, I was a guest moderator and its their group and their rules, which makes a change in the rules something open for discussion, not an edict.  Well my insistence blew up and so I made Izrina wait in the car.  I refused to let her sit beside me.  I was going to have my way  no matter what. Yeah, I can be a big idiot.  Not always.. but I have my moments.

A side note on that.. I am really proud of her.. that is always a warm memory.  She did as she was told and it was quite a few hours until I later came out.  Turns out it was too hot to leave the windows up, and too many bugs to leave them down, so she never really got comfortable, but she stuck it out because Master said so.. Yeah, really good memory for me. Reminds me of what a good slave she is.

Now there are other assholes out there too.  Maybe they think they have the “one true way”, or maybe they call it “Best practices: ( I like that one) but either way they are convinced they are genius’s of human nature and born to lead the BDSM community.. have you noticed I have a touch of that in me?  You have?  Good.. Because next I am going to release my “Three areas of choice for slaves”.

What gives me the right to go putting out ideas and best practices like that?  Well the fact I am a flaming asshole of course.. Well that and that I do spend a lot of time studying people and thinking and writing and I like to share.. but let’s go with the antagonistic approach and just say its because.. Fuck you.. I said so and I’m an asshole.. I’m good with that.