So many choices

Its Saturday, and that means the day is mine.   What to do?   Izrina is at work, so no Domination warm fuzzy….  What to do?

I could take the motorcycle our for a ride, or maybe the mustang.   I could do some housework.  Lord knows there is always something you can find to do around the house.  Or I could goof off and just veg.

I just know that retirement isn’t going to be something I take to well.  Choices, choices.


I wonder, is this kind of what its like to be a sub with no one to give directions?  It doesn’t bother me that I have so many choices, so many things I could do today.. some work.. some pleasure..  but I can see the benefit of getting up and just asking.. what is your pleasure today?  The simplicity of it, the adventure of it, could be reassuring.

As a slave, you have no idea what direction the Master’s pleasure might take you today.  Everyday is in a small way, an adventure.  Maybe you might be on the back of a motorcycle, or maybe in a Mustang with the top down and the music up.  Or maybe you are going to rake leaves.  Or maybe you are just going to hand Master tools.. or maybe its something sexual.. you just don’t know.   What you do know is that every day is going to reveal a new plan, and you will be in the center of Master’s world, there at his side, because he loves and cherishes you.


Hmmm my ruminations have revealed what is bothering me.  All of those pleasures of being a slave work both ways.  When Ds is your life, your partner makes every little thing a pleasure.. be it work or recreation.  With Izrina at work, it doesn’t matter what I do, it wont be as much fun as when she is here.  Yup!   Hit the nail right on the thumb!

Ah well.  If I am going to be melancholy, I guess it will be work.  I think I’ll start by cleaning the terminals on the motor cycle battery.  The trickle charger has been flaky.  Nothing like a little elbow grease to take  your mind off things, and work up a sense of satisfaction.  Maybe that will lead to some other desire.  Time to get things done…. A sense of accomplishment is after all another source of happiness.

Carpe Diem my friends…  even if what you do today is something you do for yourself, go be someone’s great day.   The who and what isn’t nearly as important as the action. 

Action brings satisfaction and often the reward of anther’s pleasure in your efforts.  Never underestimate these as constant sources of pleasure.  Learn to look for these opportunities, and you tap into an endless source of pleasure and satisfaction.