a new workshop, old problem

The thoughts are just churning away.. yeah. can’t sleep.  So a word on some of what I am thinking about…

First, next Month I give away Raven in her collaring ceremony.  Big moment.  About three years ago, she worn another collar and the Master who owned it refused to remove it.  Now, fast forward and she is happy and being collared again.

I often speak of my own time when I lost my slave and it nearly destroyed me.  Finding your value before and after a collar is a thing for both Masters and slaves.  So I pitched the idea of a new workshop I am developing for this:

UN-collaring-Finding your value before and after the collar.

You can’t be in this life for a few years and not personally experience or at least know someone who has gone through the incredible sense of loss that comes from tearing down every barrier between you and another human being, only to have that thrown away.

The pain of breakup is magnified by the intensity of the relations that we build.  I often say that you can’t have mountains without valleys, you can’t experience ultimate joy without risking ultimate loss, but those are just words when you are being sliced to ribbons while cradling the slivers of broken glass that used to be your life.

It think it is time to take my experience, and the experiences of so many others, and put together a workshop, designed to not just help those going through it now, but to also help those who will almost certainly need council in the future.  Perhaps my words now, might help others, or better yet, start a trend the becomes the norm.

In a nutshell, we are very big on providing collaring ceremonies, and we are big on providing aftercare for S&M scenes but how often do you hear of UN-collaring or aftercare for people who lost a collar.. or a loved one?  It should be common place for us to provide aftercare for the un-collared,  but have you heard of this?  It is uncommon that people take into consideration the needs of those who are dealing with the loss of a Master or slave.. yes slave.. Dominants can be just as devastated by the loss of a slave.

And this workshop will go beyond just proposing aftercare for UN-collaring.  It will propose ways to find your personal value with or without a collar.  We often judge our value by our relationship, when what we should do is see that our value is in what we bring to a relation.   We always have value, even if we have no relation to bring it to.  It goes back to the heart of the word lifestyle.  Yes, this is a style of life for some, but for others it is an orientation, a need so deep that colors every facet of our existence.  Those who are a Master or slave in every fiber of their being  have great value and it runs far deeper than looks, age, race, or any of the external things.  Its the beauty that is found in the core of our character.

So that’s just a quick peek into this new workshop I am whipping up. There is hardly a BDSM subject I couldn’t tackle, but this one is close to my heart.  I like giving my workshop on collars.. but I think the time has come to speak on the other side of that, when the dream evaporates…   I think given that this last UN-collaring has come full circle, and that I am about to participate in see Raven’s rebirth come to full fruition, there couldn’t be a better time to start on this workshop.  Carpe Diem my friends!  Join me in making a GREAT weekend!


Oh, and if you have an idea for a catchier title for the workshop.. I’m interested.