Munch, and some sharing

It has been a while since I shared my life with you so I thought is was time.  If you read my blog, you know that I share information as I feel it appropriate, and in the time of my own choosing.. and that goes for my blog, my slave, and others in my life.  Information is another form of power my friends, never doubt it.  Ask Joseph Stalin, he’ll set you straight.

I have nothing earth shattering to share, at least not from my perspective, though certainly something I think has come to a time when it is appropriate to share.  I am mentoring, and have been for a while now.

This is not an invitation to my charge, or the one in the care of my charge to share as well.  I completely respect your privacy.  If you care to share or to stay anonymous that is entirely your call.. or rather, the more specifically, the call of the Master involved.   If that Master wishes to share, it is entirely within the scope that Master’s power to do so or not.  To the eager slave under that Mastery, you must defer to the Master you serve, before doing so.. I mention this, because there is just a wee bit of impulsive nature there…


It should not surprise anyone, that I might mentor or that this might be a private matter.  If you have the slightest inclination of what I am about, you will know that in public I am quite private about a great many things, but in person I can be quite.. hmm personable.

I mention all of this to say this.  It has been a great pleasure to hear and observe the transformations of this couple.  Though they live too far away to make a visit practical, I truly wish this were not so.  I feel a warm bond forming in a new Master and slave.  I hope this is just the start of a journey which for them will last a lifetime.. and in  our shared lifetimes, we will be presented opportunities to look back and enjoy the memories.


And with my own sharing aside, I move onto this weeks munch.  I always enjoy our munch.  It is good to be among your own kind, and to experience the sense of acceptance for all that we do.  It is important on a very basic level.

We are pioneers my friends.  We are forging social models that to my knowledge never existed before.  UN-consensual slavery has existed for years, but consensual slavery, in which two equals come to a common agreement to exchange submission and Mastery, well, that is a completely new model.

It is not surprising that so many of us live double lives, the one with our significant other,  and the one our employers, co-workers, and others know.  Perhaps we hide it from truly important people in our lives.. fathers, mothers..  best friends.  It is a recipe whose flavor is sour and it is therefor sweet to have the company of like minded people.  More than sweet, it is healthy for our beings.


Speaking of differences, there was a comment a while back in this blog, and reading between the lines, I believe that this reader may not approve of my Domination.  Contrary to what Izrina believes, I do not read minds, but I have done a lot of reflection on the possibility that some readers may not approve of what we do.  I would like to discuss these choices with others who may not agree..  but not in an angry confrontational way.  I mean in a way that strives to better understand each other.  With this in mind, I invite PM on Fet.  If you care to hold a discussion I would do so gladly, but over private messages on Fet.

But of course a meeting of minds is not always possible.  My mother for example must be fed small doses of the truth of my life.  It is not that she won’t accept, it is that she wired to be incapable of accepting some things.   All of this brings us around again to the importance of the fact there is no social model for this, and that we need to occasionally be among our own kind.


One last tidbit and then I will go.  a gentleman I know from the local dungeon is reading the GOR books and was very turned on by some of the slave imagery in the words.   He spoke of this at the munch.  It got me to thinking that while I have a cursory knowledge of the GOR life, I have never read the books.  I think perhaps I need to have my slave order the series, and when they arrive, fetch my smoking jacket and pipe.

And that my friends brings you somewhat up to date.  I must tell you about Walmart next time we meet.  Until then, Carpe Diem!   Go be someone’s great day!