Father of the bride

Just two weeks to go.  I am to be the father of the bride at a collaring ceremony.  Raven pup, an old and dear friend with whom I love to play, is being collared to Tonya, aka the fairy Queen.  I love them both dearly.

I’ve promised a fire scene out to one of her friends, but I also want to leave time for Raven.  Her owner is talking about passing her around for good beatings all around.  In my experience, Raven doesn’t usually need a lot of after care, though she certainly soaks up the attention like any great pup would.

I wont be able to carve out a lot of time for Izrina that evening, and of course that means yet another night at the dungeon without her getting a lot of attention.  I’ll need to short circuit that before it becomes an issue.  Maybe take her for a nice beating the week before.

Funny..  a nice beating…. yeah, its a mindset that you need to get inside before it makes any sense.

I backed off being the main fire-guy at the local dungeon, some time ago.  I didn’t like being a carnival ride.  I like being the center of attention, but like being a Hollywood star, there are times when all those people pulling at you becomes too much and you want to get away, but you can’t because once you create all that desire to connect with you, it becomes relentless.  You have to be careful what you ask for.  Lately its just been Izrina and I and it feels really good.  This event is bringing back that feeling of pull.. the desires of others to be part of your experience.

Now this is where the Master side comes into place.. I have no problem saying no.  My time is valuable, and if I give you some of it, these means I am giving you a gift.. the gift of my attention and domination.  Its a Master mindset.   We are very selective about who we give time to, and what we will give, and are very unapologetic about the whole thing.

Of course that only goes so far.  You create the mystic of your allure, the power and strength you hold, and that creates the desire to taste it.  Then you had better be able to deliver.  But more importantly, that impression is not a thing that lasts.  The mystic must be replenished occasionally,  or it fades into obscurity to be replaced…  at least in the public sense.

You can always have your privately intense Ds without all the hub-bub.  I think I prefer the private Ds side.  It has more of a authentic feel.  The private Ds that Izrina and I share is not contrived or current.  It is not fresh, hip, or the newest thing.  It doesn’t need to be bolstered or promoted.  It just is.  Not in a way that doesn’t need attention, but in a way that naturally grows stronger.   Ah.. what do I know?   Maybe I am just lazy.   All I know is that I am living life on my terms and it feels great.  Tomorrow I will wake, look at my choices, and reveal then to Izrina.. then her adventure begins.. and together, well, life is pretty damn good.

Capre Diem my friends… go seize today.  Make it yours..  and if your will is owned by another,  then I hope together you make it a great day.