a slave in the wind

Easter weekend.  I am off to wild country in the Virginia’s for some luxury living and horseback riding.  Before we ride the four footed ponies, I’ll put the top down on the convertible and we’ll enjoy some sun.. .

Hmmmm a warm sun, and Izrina by my side… the interstate wind whipping through her hair as we jam to great tunes; the volume so high it drowns out the wind and gets into your bones..

Later she’ll cuss, cause you can’t do that with long hair and not spend hours untangling it later.  I know.  When mine was shoulder length I went through this ordeal too.  I am already anticipating all the wonderful, golden moments..  and grinning, thinking about the not so golden ones.  We need to find a poster bed.. with four square corners I think.

Smiles, and good vibes.. the smell of a great diner meal.. hugs from loved ones.. I am planning to store up a fortune in memories.  Its the US tax deadline.  Checks will be written last minute to the treasury.  But tap your noggin and that’s where the real treasury lies my friends.  Carpe Diem.. Go be someone’s great day!