Do or die

Into every life, there come do or die moments.  In war, on a battlefield, a do or die moment is quite literally a moment in which you must do or die.  These are moments when the next few seconds will determine if you live or die.

But there are many more moments in life when Do or die is figurative.  These are the moments when you will pass or fail, moments which will direct your life to success or failure.  This is the cusp.  You are presented with a narrow set of choices and whatever you choose, your life will change dramatically.

The lover fears this moment much more than the beloved.  A slave often understands this better than a Master.  This is because a slave can openly desire a Master, but a strong Master won’t show a weakness.. they won’t come crawling, begging to be served.

Some situations blur the do or die moments.  Marriage and long term relations for example often broaden this choke point, opening up the opportunity for prolonged periods in which a final change in direction is put off.   A job that pays really well but is one you hate, may cause you to put off the do or die moment of quitting.

Why are these observations important?  Because we need to recognize these important decisions for what they are.  We need to pay attention to when we have put off a “do or die” moment, and we have pay attention to when we make good decisions, and when we have made bad ones.  Sadly, the bad decisions teach us much more than the good.

Maybe that is because for all our efforts to be positive, we really do suck at it.  We often see say.. the blood and guts of war as the reality of suffering.. suffering is real… but the spontaneous joy of a beautiful sunrise or the touch of a lover as just so much confusing nonsense.. its not really, real. Not sure why people in general believe in the bad, more than the good.

I suppose it is because it takes real effort to break free from the world view imposed on us by so many.. parents, friends, media, groups, governments, religions.. they all want us to think their way.. and their way is often a version of “us” verses “them”.   These  influences draw sharp distinctions between good and the bad things, yet rarely all agree.

While we are talking about decisions, it is also very important to remember this:

We are always free to choose but not the outcome of our choosing.

All the best choices will mean nothing if the deck is stacked against you.  Sometimes, the outcome of your choices is far outside your control.  This is where I could speculate on the metaphysical aspects of outcome, but I think I’ll save that for another blog.

The point is, Masters and slaves need to pay attention how we handle those important moments.  The big choices.  How you make decisions is the second most important thing you can learn in life.

For a Master who wishes to teach this life lesson, nothing could be more important than to make sure that choices have consequences.  I personally have tons of patience.. but many a person has mistook that patience for endless patience.  There comes a time when I face a turning point.. I am beyond negotiation, where I have spoken my last word on a matter.  I personally prefer a three strikes approach to these kinds of things so the trick for me is to make that clear before the third strike. After I turn a corner, I’m not coming back.  Many Masters I know don’t have that kind of patience.. For some its one strike and you are out.

Up until now every time in my life that I’ve had a do or die moment, it has always been in the figurative form.  I hope I’ve made more good, than bad choices.  I truly hope it stays a figurative choice.  If the times comes for do or die to be a literal choice, I hope I prove up to the challenge, and if my life is given, it is for something good and useful.

Carpe Diem my friends.  Go be someone’s great day.

What a Master can do

What a Master can do..  to you.   A great Master with soft words can bring a slave to their knees, sobbing for forgiveness.   We don’t need to punish, in the rough sense, over a knee or such.. that is for play.

When we are seriously upset, we get quiet, controlled, our voice can become a monotone, and you know the walls have come down between you.  Its do or die time.  Any slave worth their salt knows when its time to get really, really humble.

I don’t have to raise my voice.  Izrina knows the difference between when I am talking with her and when I am talking to her.  We have a protocol for that.  We are like anyone when I talk with her.  But if I am talking to her, the eyes go down.  She is to look at the floor.  Any Master worth a damn can bring a slave to tears, with just words.

I alluded to this quite some time ago in Manipulation, trust, and slave happiness.  Tonight I would like to speak more, about what we do, and how we do it.  This isn’t a recipe or a manual though.  I can’t just give you some simple suggestions and then you suddenly will have some kind of magic control.  It is a mojo kind of thing.    You have to feel it, acquire it, but never work at it.



To control a slave, you must peel them like a grape and suck in their juicy center.  You pick them like a flower and inhale them deeply.  You just wear your slave as an extension of yourself but with passion.  You must listen to them, coax them, uncover their darkest fears, their ancient embarrassment, their denied passions, and you must see them in their naked beauty, that which lies beneath the skin, their glorious slave heart beating to discover the ultimate freedom found in the chains of their consensual bondage to you.

Izrina plays Sudoku.  She tortures herself endlessly with the most difficult puzzles imaginable.  And yet if I leave some mental challenge, a puzzle of another sort before her, she is likely to show no interest.  It is not so much the torture of a difficult puzzle as it is the the familiarity with the torture she has chosen.   Its a slave thing.  The delicious appreciation for a familiar torture, and the disinterest, perhaps even fear, of that which is new.  When you observe your slave, you will notice things, things unique to the submissive mindset.

Every slave is different, but there are some characteristics you will recognize.  Sometimes it is a nervous twitch under a hard gaze.. Or a body posture that speaks of a desire to not be noticed.. or called upon.  Maybe it is an unwillingness to make eye contact.  Maybe it is a ready willingness to come when called upon.  Maybe it is the smile that broadly shines at a compliment, or the self effacing withdraw at praise. Maybe it is the sad self inflicted beating they impose upon themselves for disappointing.

Maybe you see that your slave believes it is better to deal with the devil they know than the one they do not.  What ever motivates your particular slaves, you must see these motivations and lift them up.  A Master uses a slaves chains to lift them up from that which they cannot free themselves.

A “good girl” is one of the most wonder things a slave can hear.  It is worth saving for when a slave has been especially good.   “Master is pleased” is a more common comment, it lets your slave know they have done well, without any undue emotions.  The key is to praise your slave, in the same non-plus manner used when you are unhappy.  You want to be subdued, restrained in your praise.  You were meant to be served and they to serve.  Don’t make a big deal of it.

If you are going for self esteem, you want to reassure constantly.  It is important to let your slave know that who they are is very desirable.  If your slave is a woman, it is good to let them know they are beautiful in your eyes.   A woman needs to feel beautiful, to feel desirable.

If you are creating slut, you can forgo all that.  Though it is nice to mix it up.  Who says your slave has to always be a slut, or always needs to be built up.  Keeping your slave on their toes can be a good thing.  A delicious uncertainty of the social torture you will inflict is fun, and makes for wonder mini Ds moments.

Yeah.. watch your slave.. study them.  its how you do what Masters do.

Carpe Diem my friends, go create a great relation.



Great curves

I love the curve of a woman.  The graceful way the back curves in and then flares our at the hips…. well actually I’ve seen than in people born with a penis too.. but I digress..

I love the hourglass shape.  I truly do.  It doesn’t matter if it is Izrina, or some other body.  Its the shape that draws me.. not the person. Hmmm not quite right.  I was watching Hitch, and the co-star is beautiful.   As Hitch begins to pursue her, to profess his love for her, for all he would suffer and do for her, I wonder.. is it for something a simple as a body?

What is it at the core of a person, that makes us willing to lay down our very life for another.. what makes us love another person.   I will tell you.  It is not for who or what they are.  It is for what our love makes us feel.  It is what the person does to us, how they influence us, what they change in our perception.

I cannot imagine a body, however perfect and sexy, being more desirable than Izrina.  It is what she means to me in her totality, that makes me see her through the eyes of love.  I am aware there are women out there with breasts more perky, bellies more flat, but does that interest me? No!

There are many very beautiful women in the world that I would not touch with a stick.  Their outer beauty hides a hideous and ugly interior.  Never under estimate that which lies within.

This is why we must not rush into a relationship or commitment.  It is only after the boundaries are stripped away, and we see a person for who and what the really are, deep down inside, that we can truly love and appreciate them.

I tell you now, the most perfect physical specimen, the most beautifully photogenic women on the planet, holds nothing to the women who knows and appreciates you, and has the magic to make you feel alive.

I have seen this many times.  It is not the beauty without, but the sexy and seductive side within, that wins over hearts.  Curves are great for masturbating.. but if you want a real flesh and blood women by your side that you fall in love with more and more each day, then grow up. Put aside simple things and learn what matters.

Carpe Diem my friends, love well.

Kinky! Grandma

Did you know your Grandma was kinky?  Chances are, if she is in her seventies, she was.  Maybe not the way you are thinking though.

The thing is, my slave is very much a 1950’s housewife type slave.  She cooks, cleans, serves supper, and does little things to help release stress after a tough day at work.

Today we call that a slave but in the 1950’s we called that being a housewife.  The marriage vows stated it clearly.. To love, honor, and obey..

Perhaps it is not so strange that we call that kinky now.  For Grandma though, it was just the norm.  I would say that recognizing this kind of service as a form of slavery is an improvement over the 1950’s.

The problem with the 1950’s version of this relation was two-fold.. and both issues centered around gender.  It discriminated against women who were seeking equality, while also denying men the opportunity to be openly submissive.

The replacement of this model with equality should not destroy however, the desire by some people to enter into a relationship in which one is subservient to the other.   Equality simply opens the door for a consensual slavery in which either gender may negotiation a subservient relation.

Nor should the desire to enter into such a relation be shocking.  It wasn’t then and it shouldn’t be now.  There is much to be gained by this relationship model.  A Master-slave relation exchanges equality for equity.  The exchange is based on personal values.  Because what is exchanged is equal in value on a personal level.. it is equitable.   Equality is merely the starting point from which we can arrive at equity.

Speaking of strange perspectives…

I wanted my glass refilled tonight, and it would have been easy to just take care of it myself… but it is Izrina’s job to keep it filled… and since she was using my lap I would have had to disturb her no matter what.

So I bothered her to go fetch..  The thing is, if I try to take care of something myself, she might stand there.. wanting to brush me aside.. but also knowing as Master I can do my own stuff if I choose to.. and so there is that humorous moment when I would have to turn to my slave and ask the obvious question.. do you want to finish this for me?

That would not be a wimpy question that begged her to finish but a sincere one about her feelings.  I would be saying.. look, I planned to do this but I can clearly see you want to, so would it please you if I step aside so you can serve me?

I might be running a dish to the sink or a stray fork and she will snatch it from my hand. There is something humorous in that.  Its a bit like when I put my hand on her butt and say affectionately..Mine!  Well, it seems that when I try to do her service work, she has her own “Mine!” thing.  She doesn’t say it, but I can practically hear her brain thinking…  Hey!  that’s my job..  gimmie that!

Carpe Diem my friends..  go make a great day.



A suggestion, if I may

A great book, like a journey shared, reminds us not to rush to the end too quickly less we neglect enjoying the experiences collected along the way ~Xtac Quote

Izrina read again tonight.  I truly love the experience of her voice as the story unfolds, with its twists and turns, as our heroes suffer setbacks, and collect triumphs along the way towards whatever end the pages have in store.  Yes, its back to my smoking jacket and pipe evenings again…

If you are a Master, or an Owner, a suggestion if I may.  Have your slave read to you, or to your family if you have one.  If you don’t know what to have read, pick a movie you like and then order the book.   Or take a risk and have your slave pick something.

If you think its not something your slave will enjoy, show a little spine and order them to read anyway.  If you pick a story you know from a movie it will have unexpected sections that the movie didn’t cover, while having your slave pick will result in a story you cannot predict.

Perhaps you will like the story, or maybe not.  I prefer a surprise.  I find the unexpected is a good test of my ability to make the best of things, and often things that I wouldn’t have chosen turn out to be a pleasant change.,   With stories, its nice when you don’t know in advance where the story will lead.

I think you will find if you give it time, that a book shared becomes a looked forward to event, a moment of entertainment set apart from the usual mindlessness of TV, your faces all glued to the screen.  In a book, the reader and the listeners are engage with each other and it is a different experience.

I am sure like everything else, its not for everyone, but I can tell you that I look forward to our evening reads. If you give it a shot, I hope you find it as pleasurable as I, and if not, at least you gave it a try.

One last word.. the book selected is important.  Chapters that end in cliffhangers are the best because they cause you to look forward to the next reading, to find out what happens next.

Carpe Diem my friends, share an evening with someone special!


Not polite to point

In the movie “Yellow submarine” there are numerous humorous comments.. like the opening one..  Once upon a time..  or maybe twice…

The blue meanies are fascinating.  They giggle and laugh when being evil.  Young Fred, when faced with the dreadful flying glove says.. “Not polite to point.”  I have heard this saying before of course.. but why is it impolite?

Usually when you are pointing, you are pointing out someone… sometimes to point out something that you like.. look at the ass on that guy, or that woman is drop dead gorgeous.  Sometimes its because someone is dressed funny, or maybe its an inappropriate bit of humor, like an obese person double fisting two ice cream cones.

You want your friends to look too.  You want them to validate what ever it is you are thinking about the person you are pointing out.  I guess the reason you would usually point out someone is probably not a good reason.

Still, does anyone really care about pointing?  People are beating each other up over politics for crying out loud.  With the total lack of civility going on out there, does a little thing like what your index finger even matter any more?

On a personal level, I would definitely wag a finger at a naughty pup.  For that matter, I am fairly certain if I was making a point with my slave, I would drive the point home with a pointed finger.  I googled it…

Pointing at objects with your index finger is unacceptable in some cultures. In America and European cultures, it is considered rude to point fingers at others. This hand gesture is an indication of a dominant – to – subordinate behavior in the professional world.

I do like the idea of it being an indication of Domination.  I wonder..  does anyone even care any more?  If not, maybe I should do more of it…

Dreaming in BDSM color

I don’t usually recall my dreams.  But if I wake suddenly enough, I can.  Something about my waking mind wants to shut down every memory of my sleeping self.. which annoys the hell out of me frankly.  I have so much to learn from my dreams and some part of me wants this to be forbidden knowledge.  Clearly there are two side of me quietly at war here.  Well, that’s enough public introspection… on to the good stuff..

I woke suddenly and the dream I had been having was BDSM related. I made a mental note that I should blog on this and then fell back to sleep, not sure if I would remember.  Things I want to be sure to remember, I dictate to my phone, but I was too sleepy to make the effort.  Thank goodness Master B’s blog triggered that memory to the surface or it would have been lost.  Even after the dream memory had been triggered, I had to close my eyes, and struggled to find the will power that would cause it to come swimming up out of the murky waters that hide these dream memories.  Here is the dream

I was in a dungeon, Master and slaves milling about, and I entered a room to find one person belittling another.  Nothing unusual there.  But they had gone to far.  The cruel manner in which they had taken apart this slave with all of her psychological buttons had her visibly shaken.  As she struggled to hear the words flung at her, tears welled up in puffy eyes.  

I took this to be her Master, and while I didn’t have the full context of the situation I felt it my responsibility to step into this and take this Master down a notch or two.  Such a decision is not one I would take lightly, but in my estimation, they had gone past actions that corrected behavior, beyond even simple social torture, they were doing real harm.  It may be in our nature, for those who are sadists, to hurt another but we should never cause actual harm, we should never cause real damage.

As I began to turn the tables on the situation, the person who was doing all this damage turned quiet and shrunk under my attention. That was a pleasant moment at first for many reasons.  First, it was pleasurable because my seniority was recognized and respected and second, because I do get a mild pleasure from giving a good scolding.  But as the object of my lecture retreated further into themselves, I suddenly had a suspicion and asked, are you a Master or a slave?  “A slave came the answer”.

I was mortified.  I had yelled at a slave belonging to someone else.  I myself had crossed a line that I should not.   I should have gone to the owner and told them to reel in their slave.   I should have gone to the real decision maker in that relation and urged them to put a leash on that out of control mouth. 

I happens sometimes when we break protocol.. maybe we touch a slave without first asking permission.  Sometimes we are so happy to see a well known slave, we give a playful swat on the ass.. and it triggers a consent discussion.  These are embarrassing times, and it happens to the best of us.  We try to not give others who would take us down a notch, ammunition to do so.. but being human we do make mistakes. I don’t remember more of the dream, just the feeling of having fucked up.

Slaves that misbehave when their Master is not around are a bane on us all.  Especially when you later point out their bad behavior, and their Master shrugs it off.  You see this in some parents too.  They have these little monsters who go running through a grocery store smashing bags of chips and doing general destruction and when you tell that parent how poorly behaved their kid is, the kid puts on their hallow and acts like a little angel while the parent scowls at you.  Yeah, sometimes a chain of command, be it with slaves or child, doesn’t always work that well.

That observation aside, I know that dreams have meaning.  I know that not all dreams are unreal.  Sometimes we who are immortal use the dream state to travel to other times and places, our real selves tethered to our bodies by a silver strand.

Its why this block to my dream knowledge frustrates me.  My memory is highly selective about what I am allowed to remember.  I know that I have many memories I wish I could forget, but since you cannot undo the past, I tend to suppress those memories. I am certain that is the source of my trouble with dream memories.  Who chooses what to suppress?  Which me?  What is the part of me has full access to these suppressed memories?   My waking self is so damned determined to be the best me I can be.

I suddenly realized I am going down a wrong road with this line of thinking and that I am way off track.  I will leave that last paragraph intact because it shows my line of reason, how I arrived at the next paragraph.

When you meditate, there is a constant stream of thoughts.  If you are still and watch those thoughts, you can see all kinds of things.  We are not responsible for those thoughts.  What we are responsible for, is the ones we give weight to.  The thoughts we take, and wear like clothing, that we make part of ourselves.   I might dive into the difference between suppressing and selecting thoughts another time.

For now, I am happy to have remembered this dream. I have someone I need to write to in Fet now.

Carpe Diem my friends, follow your dreams..

Sammy says

My slave sits here reading threads on Fet and chuckling.  When I ask, its almost always in response to some smart ass remark.  She is a SAM herself..  a smart ass masochist for those who don’t know about SAMs.

Now she is usually fairly well behaved, but everyone now and then her nature gets the better of her and she lets one fly.  So I asked how it was that she couldn’t throttle that, knowing full well that being a smart ass is going to lead to me indulging her masochist side, but in a way that might not be as pleasurable as she hoped for.

Which brings us around to the concept of not hitting a dog with the hand you use to feed it.  The dog won’t know which is coming… a tasty snack or a smack.. and one day you might get bitten.   There needs to be separation between masochistic pleasure, and punishment.  A rod hung up just for punishment for example is lots of fun.. for the Master… especially when your slave is ordered to go fetch it.

At any rate, Izrina offered two thoughts..  First was that she has an “auto-response” and second is her “shut-up filter”.   Apparently when her SAM comments get loose, it is because her shut-up filter isn’t working… which means the “auto-response” is probably always working.  In fact I am sure that is right because every now and then my Master Mind reading powers tell me her shut-up filter is working overtime.

She is also part pet.  I like that side better.. when she curls up and fairly purrs.  Every pet needs a tail with a butt plug and ears.   Gotta pick those up one of these days.

Carpe Diem my friends.. go make a great day!


A shallow dive into philosophy

David Home, a Scottish philosopher, born May 7th 1711, and died August 25th 1776 at the age of 65, put forth this question:

Suppose a child is born with no senses.. no touch, sight, sound, taste, smell.  This child has no way of obtaining any information from senses.  Further suppose this child is kept alive until age 18.   Does this child have a thought in its head?

The question goes back to the same concepts in the movie “The Matrix” where reality was not what it seemed.  That which we believe is real, we know through our senses.  But aside from our senses, how can we know what is really real?

German philosopher Immanuel Kant, born April 22 1724 and died February 12th 1804 at age 79 agreed that all knowledge begins with experience but stated that it doesn’t follow that all knowledge arises out of experience.

These two approaches lead to very different concepts of what it is that we sense outside of ourselves.  Some philosophers might argue that we do live in the Matrix.  Not one created by evil robots but in one that we have created ourselves, a condition brought on by the necessity of our ability to comprehend reality.

Different schools of philosophy interpret fundamental questions about reality in significantly different ways. “Tat Tvam Asi” is a Sanskrit phrase which translates to English as “Thou art that”. This again relates that which we perceive and how that is interpreted to tell us what we are.

Greater minds than mine or yours have long asked the basic questions.. Why are we here?  What is our purpose?  What is real?  This is a really shallow dive into the deep thinking that most of us don’t even begin to touch upon.  What I am saying in too many words is, we all need to maintain a certain degree of humble, about what we think we know.


A woman walked by me with a T-Shirt with a picture of a UFO and it said.. “I want to believe”.

My thought: If you want to believe.. do so.  What could make you give up what you want to believe?  But I also think people can and will believe nearly anything.  What you think you know, isn’t always going to be accepted – because – what some think is crazy is normal for others and visa-versa.  Don’t be too quick to tread on what others believe.

For example, you can not prove there is no big foot.  That bastard, if he does exist, is the ultimate champion of the game “hide and seek” .. no doubt about it.  But seriously, to PROVE a thing does not exist is not possible.  You would have to be everywhere, at the same time and simultaneously and instantaneously  declare, he is not here, to prove he is no where at that moment in time.  Can’t be done.

You can produce many very logical arguments against the existence of many things, but you often can not empirically prove these things do not exist.  Many human constructs are like this, existing only in our minds.  Good, Bad, Hate, Love, … even the law of gravity that we except without question, exists no where in the world.  You can’t hold them, you can’t show a person what it is, you can not describe these what look like, or how they taste, or sound..

Many of these things never existed until someone created a word for them.  In a very real sense, these things did not exist before someone thought them up.  They were created in a mind, and they exist in a mind.  There are things all around us that can not meet the basic criteria that we might lay out for existence.. to see it to touch it.. to smell it..  but you believe these exist because you have experienced them.

What you would call “good” or “bad” is often simply the objectification or your own feelings about that thing. ~Xquote

To be a person of wisdom, you must start by excepting that the things we have learned are based on experiences and your experiences are uniquely your own… leading to your unique feelings, which in turn leads to your unique understanding about the value of things around you.

It logically follows that what you have come to understand and believe may be uniquely your own as well – though – and this is important: Never underestimate the attraction of wanting to be part of a group..

The desire to forgo your own critical thinking in order to become part of a group that accepts you, once you accept the group way of thinking, has destroyed many a person’s desire to pursue their own thoughts.


People that are very excited over great causes, have an over-inflated sense of their own grasp on the situation.  That or they have been blinded by the necessity of maintaining a group way of thinking.

I sat across from a person who went from talking about wishing an ex-boss dead, to how bad some other people were, and then what was wrong with some other people, and then interjected.. that’s why I try to be a good person.  With all that negativity towards other people, I don’t see how she could really be a good person.  The word “try” hung heavily in my judgement of this person.

In the Screw Tape letters.. (another must read book)  there was a woman who was very pious.  She asked for nothing.  All she wanted was a properly toasted piece of bread and some weak tea.  But no one could do this properly. No one could satisfy her desire to just have these simple things and so it was perfectly alright for her to be a vicious bitch to the people around her because these people couldn’t do that one little thing right.  It was OK, because she asked so little of life. 

I suspect the woman who “wanted” to be a good person, was probably just like that.  She wanted to be a good person but these bastards around her wouldn’t let her, which made it perfectly alright for her to be a bitch herself.  She could be quite smug about how perfectly nice she was, while all the while being anything but nice.

When you step back, and do some really, really deep thinking, you start to realize how really insignificant our grasp is on the totality of the human experience.  More importantly, we often mistake how others might perceive us or how accurately we perceive others because of the constructs of reality in our minds.  Obviously, as you can see from my observations, I pass this “reality judgement” on all persons, but especially on those into BDSM.

Perspective is absolutely critical to wisdom.


So.. where is the BDSM angle?  Glad you asked.  We know very well that our reality is not what many others see.  We know that a loving sadistic dominant can look like an abuser.  We should leverage our understanding of radically different perspectives and take it to the next level.

To be a superior Master or slave, you want to think beyond the kink, the pleasure, and the joy that you experience.  You want to do some deeper thinking about who and what we are, and we should do this on some very basic levels.  On the levels that philosophers start.

We should take this knowledge, and make things happen on personal levels.  Not with “them” or “against them” but with “someone”, or “without someone”.  Do this with no apology or regret, or influence from others.  Few frames of mind lead to more trouble than thinking in terms of “us and them”.  Keep it personal, and in the immediate present, the here and now of direct interaction.

If a woman wishes to submit to the will of a man, she should.  If a man wishes to submit to the will of a woman, he should.  And if you wish to mix those genders around you should.  You should seek happiness at it most basic level.  In service to each other, and it it works, in service to others.

Forget the big things or big accomplishments.  These are paths of ego, for the confused and mislead.  It is not in the plans for tomorrow or the regrets of yesterday, but here, today, right now that your path to a deeper appreciation for life happens.   Its OK to take another path than others, to think another way.. just do it with love in your heart for all those who can’t see the time and thought you have put into your choices.

For the love of all that is sacred, do not fall into the trap of group thinking.  But neither should you disdain those who do.  It is not a crime, nor do you have to be careless, to find yourself lost.  It happens to the best of us.

Having taken a deeper dive, you should not feel superior.  That too is a trap.  Nor should you feel sorry for those who do not follow, that is yet another trap.  Rather, you should love and appreciate them, flaws and all, blind though they may be.

Do not judge your own success by the number who follow you less you create a group yourself.  It is enough to share your reality with one other person, perhaps two or three. But at some point you are forming a group and at this point your ego has overtaken your wisdom.

It is their loss, not yours if you can not coax someone out of the shallow end of the pool, into a deeper richer appreciation for a greater range of perspective, on what is real.  If you can, do not be surprised if their view is entirely different.  That is the nature or our individual perceptions of reality.  It is an illusion that we share this world.  Our individual worlds may overlap, but we rarely share a world.

When we can share our own personal world with another, it is a strange and terrifying thing.  Deep in its richness and revealed perspective.  Because BDSM tears at the boundaries between two people, between Master and slave, it opens a strange new world that only those who dare to travel this road have seen.  We have much to offer, but is easily rejected for the reality it destroys and replaces.

Be happy for yourself if you achieved a broader view that can see and appreciate the diversity of perspectives around us and still love and respect others.. that should be enough.  The only true crime against humanity, is the destruction of free thought.

Carpe Diem my friends.. Go read a book!

A second last Bacardi in Vegas

So, I am here in Vegas sipping my Bacardi and coke, packed and ready for the long haul home tomorrow.  I’ve read a few blogs, answered a question or two, and now my mind as turned to the subject.. what to write about tonight…

Tonight, I just want to say it.. I’m a dick.  Not your ordinary dick, but a dick none-the-less.  One of my first acts I undertook during the weekend while MasterB and slave Kit were here with me was to have a new fan installed in our bathroom.  Why? because I am a dick.. and good isn’t good enough.  If it ain’t right, I’m going to speak up.

Sometimes when a person is down, I don’t console them.  If I think they are wallowing in self-pity or blaming another when they stink of shit too.. I’m going to say something.  That is because I’m a dick.

Sometimes, I just show no empathy what so ever for what my slave is going through, and make her do shit she really, really doesn’t want to.  Then again, I do that because I’m a dick.

In another sense, I am a dick because I am a man and like most men I can often be defined by my dick.  Truth be told, Johnson and I are really tight.  My dick doesn’t rule me but damn near.  I need at least one orgasm a day and I will have it, even if I have to take care of it myself..  Having a dick can be a bit like having spidey senses.. when it starts tingling you know that some action isn’t far off.

The thing about being a dick is, karma.  Karma just loves to give you back the dick you gave.  Today, I was handed.. quite literally… courtesy of a men’s room soap dispenser, a reminder that I am a dick..


I know I shouldn’t have my camera out in the men’s room but I had to shoot this…   Then I didn’t really want to wash it off.. but then I also didn’t want to grind it into the next hardy hand shake..

Soon I will be home and then I can make a creamier version.. and put it somewhere even less appropriate.  At least that version can be licked off.