So, about me:  One of my favorites subjects!

Me?  I’m just your ordinary, average guy who owns property and by property, I mean a person.  Of course it’s consensual, and a work in progress but we’re happy.   How happy?  It’s ecstasy.

As an acquaintance from Florida once said, “I’ve never been so free and happy, as in my chains.”   I know this stuff evokes all kinds of emotions, but I am not asking you to validate or join me.  If you are curious, pull up a chair as I ramble.  If you’ve never met a Dominant before, let me explain this up front, we just love to hear ourselves talk.

Trying to understand me better?  These posts will help

If on the other hand, you are looking for something else, try:  HERE


4 thoughts on “About

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  3. Hello XTAC!

    I hope you’re doing well. I’m the creator of the blog, Dom Sub Living.

    I’m writing a roundup blog post featuring some of my favorite kinksters, and I just wanted to ask you a quick question, “What’s one thing you wish you knew before becoming a Dom, and why?”

    I’ll also include a link to your site in the article, and my blog averages over 70,000 visitors a month. Just let me know. Thanks!



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