An old manifesto

It has been many years since I wrote a long-ass piece (35 minutes to read) examining power from every angle. IF you have a Fetlife account you can read it here:

At that time I had not read the manifesto by the Unabomber but I am reading it now. It will take a while because his manifesto is very, very, very long. I’m about 30% through it.

What reading this has done however is open my eyes to this: There may be fundamental aspects of our society that are driving people towards “surrogate activity” as he calls it. Surrogate activity are goals we make up to create the sense of accomplishment. Our technological prowess may be creating feelings of helplessness, as if caught in the cogs of a giant unchangeable machine and that in turn is creating the very real desire for BDSM – both to escape or to achieve the power we feel slipping away.

I don’t expect many to read either my piece or the manifesto in their entirety. Most people don’t have the desires of philosophers or scientist who have no problem investing considerable time into investigating every perspective.

I would encourage you however to at least read a bit and skim. Interesting stuff.