Marry a slave???

If BDSM must be part of your life, and you have not already married, THEN you would accept and train a slave before EVER considered marrying them (assuming you would ever considered marrying your property in the first place). This post is for the folks who haven’t put the cart before the horse.

First the boring parts:

There is an old saying: Why buy the cow if the milk is free? So why would you marry someone if they have already agreed to be your property? Well for practical reasons mostly centered around taking better care of your slave. Any Master worth a lick cares deeply about the care and growth of their slave. As a spouse your slave is better protected regarding company benefits like health care, and inheritance, and social security, etc, etc. Plus the government has an odd way of subsidizing marriage so there are tax benefits. Then there are children. The list of pros is pretty good.

On the negative side, marriage gives your slave leverage should they decide to move towards the nilla side of relations (what I would call the dark side). A slave should NEVER have the upper hand. If you are considering marriage I would strongly recommend investing the money in a good lawyer and draw up a prenuptial agreement that allows the Master to easily exercise an exit strategy, but also provides some fiscal protection for their slave, should they decide to divorce.

But now on to the fun stuff!

A Master should never beg. That is a slave’s mindset. A slave should be appreciative for the gift of a Master’s Domination. THAT is the mindset you really want you and your slave to adopt.

Izrina for example has two rituals and ritual one is performed each day with these words: “May this slave serve the Master she loves and chooses?” This is about confirming her consent but also about reaffirming that Domination is my gift to give, something she must appreciate. When it was time for Izrina to be collared, I made it known that I would accept her request to be collared, and then she asked. Now…

With that in mind the big question becomes.. how does one propose marriage to a slave? I would say there are four possibilities:

  1. A nilla proposal in which the male gets down on one knee
  2. A nilla verson in which the Dominant proposes marriage
  3. A BDSM collaring variation in which the slave respectfully requests a proposal
  4. The Master simply orders his property to marry.

I like the fourth choice. It seems to me that a decision as large as marriage is not any different than any other decision a Master might make for a slave. It is not the size of the decision, it is the principle. Property is property and will do as told. The Master is both owner and decision maker, which in turn makes them responsible for those decisions. A Master owns decisions big and small.

But wait.. Orders may be modified by something significant.. a slaves hard limits. So now we have a new variable to be considered. Before you can order a slave to marry you, it is important to negotiate the terms of marriage.. if you didn’t during training.. which was probably the furthest thing from you mind when you first started training your slave.

Having added marriage to the negotiations of your consensual Master\slave relation the proposal becomes a formality really. I would say however that the formality is significant in the way it sets the tone of this monumental change in your relation. There is something extremely pleasing about a slave on their knees.. both for the Master and the slave. How much more significant and pleasing for a marriage agreement to be conducted in the same manner?

Obviously, this is not some kind of universal rule you must follow under penalty of death by some cabal. Its just my musing, my ideas of what makes the most sense based on my experience and what I have learned about best practices when it comes to training and mindsets between TPE/CNC Masters and slaves.

When and if I decide to marry my slave, be assured it will be her that is on her knees and not me. I love her dearly, but our roles are set. I can not and will not change them. I am her Master. She is my property. Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.

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