On your knees, wench!

Last night’s open HOX was nice. The new folks didn’t show so it was a small and cozy group of regulars. That made social distancing easier which is nice what with the surge and all. We did a light bondage workshop, with a subby doing something she never did before: top someone else. Her bottom seemed quite happy.

Monday work over, and I’m back at the house. My slave greeted me at the door on her knees in a dress shirt and nothing else. Nice! Unfortunately I had to get logged right in and check on the status of work before I could do anything with that, though I couldn’t resist running my fingers through her soft pubes. There is just something about the feel, the contact, of stroking someone that is wet and willing. Sure I had to move on but you KNOW I couldn’t just let that go.

So a few minutes later I ordered a rum and coke and when she came back I order her to turn around. She couldn’t see but I had brought out a pair of handcuffs which I slipped on her. Then with the cold steel on her wrists I put her back on her knees.

Kind of hard… Yes me, but also unzipping me with no hands. Call me impatient but I decided to give her a little help with stuffing me into that wet and waiting mouth. Nothing quite compares with a little oral service at the end of a long day.. and its even better with a half naked and restrained slave on her knees.

2020 may have been a bitch but who cares when you have such a wonder wench at your disposal? Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day.

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