The problem with 24×7

BDSM like any relation really, tends to settle into a comfortable routine. The trick is to swerve off the road once in a while and take a bumpy, bouncy ride down some expected route. That’s not the only thing but it sure helps.

Last night I decided I’d put my slave in her fancy cuffs, do little bondage experimenting, then have her curl up under my arm for a movie. Well, maybe not curl because once the ropes are on, curling up on your side is a little more problematic, but you get the idea.

I decided to go for something a little different this time. A little rope experimentation. Normally I just twist the ropes down the front and back and then run the rest of the rope horizontally back and forth so that it pulls the twists open and creates the lovely diamond shape you always see in rope bondage.

Not this time. This time I put the old brain into high gear and started with a loop at the bottom and worked my way up with each successive horizontal poking up into a fresh loop. That in turn created a completely new pattern. I like it. It’s a little different. I don’t recall ever having seen a pic of rope work quite like it, though I also know there is nothing new under the sun.

Here is how it came out:

I think next time I’ll combine loops in the front with diamonds in the back. Possibly just before she serves supper. Now that’s what i call formal dining!

Carpe Diem my friends! The holiday shoppers are out in droves. Take the challenge and prepare to be patient. Go out and be someone’s great day.

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