Sir vs Master

My slave curled up under my arm as we drift off to sleep and something came up that after reflecting on it for a while, I thought was worth sharing.

My slave calls me “Master”. I get a warm fuzzy feeling when she says “Yes Master”. I love our life together. I love her submission. There are many moments in the day when our Master / slave relation and its rituals, rules and protocols intrudes into an otherwise normal relation. Those moments often fill me with love and desire for my slave.

So as I was lying beside my slave basking in her submission, I began to think about “Master” and about our early beginnings. When she was in training, back when she was earning her slave name, she called me “Sir”. She had not yet earned the right to call me “Master”.

Our relation was new and exciting and I was always filled with those love and desire feelings whenever she called me “Sir”. Perhaps I was even more enamored with “Sir” back then because the relation was new. Then the day came when I told her that she would no longer refer to me as “Sir”. I was ready to accept her as property and she would call me “Master”.

Here is the funny part that I want to share: At first “Master” seemed hollow and empty. Reflecting on why, I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe I just got used to “Sir”? I don’t know why it happened but I know it did. There was a period where I knew that she HAD to call me “Master” but I wanted to go back to “Sir” because somehow it felt more substantial.

Second revelation: Today if she said “Sir” it would not feel as substantial as being called “Master”. I find that odd. That is the complete opposite of where I was 4 or 5 years ago.

It seems to me that a thing like this should always be what it is and should not change over time. I’ve mulled this over and really do not know why my feelings were what they were or why they changed over time. Maybe it is as simple as familiarity.

We humans do have issues with the strange and unfamiliar. I don’t know. Not really all that important but it is interesting to do these self reflections. Carpe Diem my friends. Be safe, but also be someone’s great day.

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