Dinner at HOX, Nov style

We probably should have served turkey and mashed potatoes right? Or is that just too USA thanksgiving? With Covid surging again my slave is more than a little worried about keeping me healthy and frankly I don’t want to be a spreader, so we did a mask mandate for the meet and greet part and for Dungeon time.

Dinner though, there is no way around it. Hopefully you are chewing with your mouth closed and that is something anyway. The table seats ten, but that would be elbow to elbow so we cut the limit to eight to open up room.

Nice crowd this month. There was an interest in knives and fire play so we did both. First a knife demo on Izrina.. I put an old dress shirt on her and cut it into strips which were then used for breast bondage before going further. Then fire play. Again Izrina first, then a lady who really, really likes her fire.

I ended with a new couple. Steve topped his bottom with fire while I instructed. He picked it up really quick. I think Ray, his bottom could easily had an orgasm from it if he kept going. Went very well.

Jade Kitten was feeling left out. I asked another new comer, Gary, if he had ever handled a flogger before. He had not. So two birds with one stone. I instructed Gary and Jade got her flogger time.

Gary being new just wasn’t going to leave marks and I know Jade looks forward to those so I finished her off with a flogger that has metal rivets in the throws. Let some really beautiful marks. Looking forward to seeing pictures of later to see if they fill in or fade.

Soooo… Another lovely evening with people coming together to do the things they love. I really love my slave, and our life. Life is good! Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!

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