October Wrap Up

It’s October in Pennsylvania and the nights are getting colder. With the help of my slave, I am trying to finish the last of the new steps in back ( in our Ceremony area where we celebrate each year).. That way in the spring we can just level the ground and put in concrete benches for guests… but…

There are other projects that MUST be done before the first freeze hits. So I had to put a hold on the last two steps while I made a push to wrap up some other projects.

All this fast paced effort is really stressing the budget but from my perspective the winter is not the time to be spending money on projects. Maybe this winter I’ll actually get some time in to relax and enjoy the fruits of our many labors.. maybe.. but probably not.

There is a MASSIVE project that can be done inside.. preparations for a tower that I want to build off the side of HOX. The goal is to eventually open up the floor space to a cathedral ceiling with beams and such and that is going to require moving a staircase, hence the massive indoor project.

I’ll have all winter so if I pace myself maybe I can do a few hours work each evening, followed by a few hours of down time.. which will be a huge change from how this summer has gone. This was a very long year of very long days, with lots of back breaking work. Funny how much effort went into things folks barely notice. It will be all be worth it though as it continues to come together.

It is with great pleasure that my slave and I move forward, building a place that is home, as well as a comfortable retreat for community members we call friends. Onward! Carpe Diem, be someone’s great day!

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