For the love of Collars

Izrina and I have a private special place where we performed her collaring ceremony. We love to share this space with others and we celebrate here each year. (We are open to anyone wishing to perform their ceremony here).

In 2020 we did a massive amount of work to stabilize the cliff edge and built a BDSM symbol/platform for our yearly celebration.

For 2021, I wanted to put in steps leading up the hillside to the bank that overlooks the ceremony area and put in a horseshoe shaped level area with concrete benches for our guests.

We got a head start on that project by putting in the steps and starting the leveling this year. Its a lot of work involving pickaxe, and shovel, and hauling blocks and concrete back through the woods so it won’t be done quickly. I’ll post a picture when we get to the top of the stairs (if we get that far this year) and then again next spring when the benches are in.

I love our life together.. thank God Izrina is part farm girl. This project has her working pretty hard, though at 25 years younger she should be able to keep up. Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!

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