New Toys

I learned a very long time ago that when you have a new toy that you need to be careful with it at first until you fully understand what it is capable of.

Many years ago Izrina and I were at a convention and we came across “Jay the traveling fool” who had this lovely chrome paddle. It was big, heavy, and shiny with neat holes drilled through. “Ohhh Shiny, can I try it out?” I asked? Sure, Jay said, and I order Izrina to assume the position and hiked up her skirt. I was on my third whack when I noticed tears running down her cheeks that was smearing her mascara.

What this thing did was.. because of the weight and momentum, when it contacted the glutenous maximus the skin kind of popped up into the holes leaving marks like a lascivious octopus had attacked. They were now oozing and bleeding. Lesson learned.

Here we are years later and a good friend Deka gave me a flogger which had many heavy throws on it but more importantly each ended in a shiny chrome rivet. I was fairly certain that bad boy was going to break skin.

Yesterday was HOX open house and we did a fire demo and I decided to see just what this baby would do. I had three volunteers but I wanted to start on my slave first. If I’m going to draw blood I need that damage to be on my property until I know exactly what to expect.

I have two favorite floggers I call sting and thunk. One is big fat elk skin throws while the other is thinner throws. I like to say one is my all day flogger though my slave will tell you that I can make either sting.

The new flogger felt more like thunk. Lot of throws that covered a whole shoulder blade. I like to try to be very precise in my strikes but this new toys threw such a wide spread that at first I had to really concentrate on my accuracy.

Her skin grew a nice pink very quickly.. what I call “painting”.. and I was able to very easily cover my canvas in color. I expected some dots where the rivets struck but the color was actually quite even.

I picked up the intensity and still no broken skin but since my girl is a fire-slut I didn’t go any further and finished with fire.

Jade was next and she can really take a beating. I unleashed even harder with her and still no broken skin though.. this time… I did get a few small dots here and there. Jade would be disappointed if she left without marks so I switched to a cane for her.

We didn’t have a mistress in attendance for Lewis so I offered and he accepted. I watched his body language closely but wasn’t sure if his moans were from bearing the harder strikes or pleasure. We talked afterwards so I better understood his needs.

All in all I’d say the new toy is a real jew in the toy box. I’m looking forward to giving my slave a leather and metal massage again soon. Carpe Diem my friends, be someones great day!

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