A new friend

ONLY one hundred miles from New York City but it gets pretty rural out here in the Hudson and Delaware valleys. Particularly in this part of Pennsylvania. Lots of trees and waterfalls.

Any event we want to go to usually involves at least a one hour drive. There are a few kinky people in the area and we are getting to know more all of the time thanks to HOX. I was going to write about one new friend but really there are many more that deserve attention.

Tony, a relatively new Dom who is learning the ropes in work shops. Jade Kitten whose furry side is very pleasurable for a sadist.. she mews when beaten and gets louder the more she like it. Deka who has friends and acquaintances all up and down the east coast and even some out west.

And then there is MasterZ and his slave (under consideration) who is yet to be given a name. They are in negotiations still. He doesn’t advertise events on Fet. He just throws a party and people show up.

He has a sprawling homestead on 15 acres with a horse and multiple buildings, and a massive dining, living, and kitchen space where people can mingle. A huge deck, hot tub, swimming pool and huge bar complete the setup. Evenings are friendly, relaxed, and fun. If you camp, you can setup a tent with the others who will be staying for breakfast.

He is looking to set up protocol workshops since he is particularly annoyed that he constantly runs into folks who have not been exposed to the value of some of the “best practices” many of us have learned.

HOX was on hold during the first few months of Covid but we are back. Between HOX, summer recreation, friends, house projects, and Covid we’ve been crazy busy.

You probably noticed I have not posted much lately but rest assured our Master/slave life continues in full swing. Real life seems to have taken precedence over writing which is a problem I’m sure more people would like to have, what with Covid and all.. Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day! 


If you have a Fetlife account you can see our HOX history here:

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