When a slave acts like a Dom

My slave Izrina is an extension of my will. Just as my arm extends to grasp what I desire, her will bends to the pleasure of the Master she serves. I love her dearly.. she is my greatest treasure, my most important possession.

Now my doctor recently ordered me to lose 20lbs. Not a problem I thought. I headed to the gym but not only has it been closed since March, there is a for sale sign up.. Covid has not been good for any of us.

So we took to nightly walks, and added dieting. The walks are nice and we both could stand to lose some weight, so hand in hand with the puppy in tow we do our stroll. It’s nice.. the setting sun, the sounds of woodlands, the crunch of gravel roads..

I have a weakness though for pizza and chocolate. Recently my slave has been… well almost ordering me to step away from the goodies. When I point out that I am the Master, she tells me that she is only reminding me of what my goals are and I can do as I please. Right…

It bugs me.. I don’t take well to this “reverse”. It would seem she is much more than an extension of my will. Sometimes she is my will power.

Carpe Diem my friends. Be someone’s great day!

5 thoughts on “When a slave acts like a Dom

  1. @nuttykitten Congratulations! I am down ten as well, but seem to be on one of those plateaus where nothing helps.. maybe another week, we’ll see. Yes on the needs… I need her.. she needs me.. gotta look out for each other.

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