Controlling Anger

Imagine you are captured and held hostage in some dark abandoned industrial looking place. You are tied to a chair and your captor walks in. You are pissed and you begin to hurl angry words.. and taunt them.. until you get a reaction. Which response would cause more concern?

1-Your captor show visible signs of anger.. fists clenched, shoulders raised, lines in their neck bulging.. or 2-they turn icy cold, a gleam in their eye, a cruel smile on their face?

When you give in to anger, you become unhinged. You are not truly in control and a person who knows how to use this can use it against you. But the second type.. the one who knows how to stay in control… that type can be dangerous.

You want to be the second type. First and foremost because what we do in BDSM is consensual. A Dominant to be good… must never lose control. Second, to control… you are much more effective when your submissive knows they’ve crossed a line because you suddenly become more quiet.. not louder.

Carpe Diem my friends, Be someone’s great day.

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