I’m angry

I don’t like blood, scat, or politics.. It’s all the same thing really…

Politics is a blood sport in which people behave like monkey’s pulling shit from their ass and then fling it at other people… You couldn’t pay enough to interest me in joining politics..

When I read that a hard core Owner and Master stepped down as a director of a MAsT chapter I was deeply saddened. Let me preface my thought on that by saying that I went to a lovely BBQ this weekend in which the Master of the house stated that he wanted to start a group dedicated to rituals, rules and protocols I applauded him.. but also warned that he may find that participation is light.

Anyone on Fetlife for even a short time knows that suggesting the there might actually be a definition for submissive or slave.. or that there might actually be best practices for those looking to guide someone through Internalized Enslavement (IE)… can bring down the wrath of the “N0-one-twue-way” Zealots.

Now I don’t know Vile on a personal level. I’ve never shared a meeting, workshop, or dungeon with him. I only know him from his writings – but what I have seen tells me that he has something that many are missing.. Balls of steel that are not afraid to live life on his terms.. and that is a lesson and a leader many need.

It pisses me off. What he stepped down for had ZERO to do with his qualifications. It has to do with diversity.. and you know what? Diversity is great… When you build a team based on what people bring to the table and nothing else.. you get diversity… Diversity is about building strength through the content of individuals and not their race, or orientations.

In business you HAVE to make room for the crazy, the insane, the impossible ideas or fall behind. One person wanted to fire his own rockets into space and land them again on a barge in the ocean.. crazy talk.. but Eon Musk did it and now his cost to space is lower than anyone else..

Fuck me… welcome to the cancel culture. Its sad.. what many fail to understand is that diversity creates strength but to be diverse means to hear all sides… to listen and not shame, intimidate, or blacklist. People who shame, intimidate, blacklist, and cancel are DESTROYING diversity not building it.

Only the wise see when they are being constructive and not destructive… We need a hell of a lot more wise people in our lives.. Destructive, anti-diversity in the name of diversity just took out a man with important wisdom to share.. God.. killing diversity to improve diversity.. the stupidity is staggering. I am pissed…

Daryl Davis is a rare and outstanding example of how we could all work towards a better, more caring, diverse community… His YouTube is worth your time spent listening… Carpe Diem my friends.. be someone’s great day!

3 thoughts on “I’m angry

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  2. @MysticalKitty – Here is your “participation award”… Just kidding.. I only hand out achievement awards… Good comment!


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