Joy of Collars-Mini Tale One

Number one of a few little tales from our 2020 Collaring Celebration.

The Ceremony went well, with strong emotions flowing throughout and we retired for food. I brought desert before food.. individually wrapped brownies baked locally..

We enjoyed a meal at the fire, followed by play in the Dungeon, and we were winding down for the evening. a few of us seated in the dining room, with chairs open between couples..

I’m saving the play for later short tales..because what happened in the dining room still makes me smile.

I am not sure how we got on the topic of kinks and things we love but it was at this point that I mentioned that I always thought it was a sexy fantasy to have a secretary or slave provide oral service under your desk at work…

There is a bit of that “public sex” aspect to it, as well as the wonderful control. ( I love testing the limits of my control… ) As I ruminated over the aspects that appeal to me I complained that unfortunately what with all the cameras and corporate rules that I might never get to order that service in my office at work…

And then I noted however that fortunately my home office.. which was right here at the dining table.. could act as a substitute. And then I ordered her under the table.

As she obediently crawled under the table someone mentioned that she was going to ruin her beautiful dress, and I pointed out I cared more that she did as she was told…

You know that moment when you may have made things a little to uncomfortable for some and too hot for others? yeah.. that… Some persons shifted uncomfortably in their seats while others grinned like crazy people…

I’m grinning again now.. ahh… good times! It’s wonderful to have an obedient slave at your feet, nuzzling your lap. Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!

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