The joy of a collar ( Year Three )

On July 4th, 2018 in the company of friends and with blessings from many, my slave received her final a collar.

This was our second renewal, and our third collaring celebration. Though the rose ceremony may be more dramatic, I chose the sand ceremony for the way it brings so many together in such symbolic and beautiful ways..

Since we are very big into meditation, and Tantric meditation in particular, we used colored sand.. one for each of the chakras. My slave read her vows to me from a small scroll which was placed into our bottle, and I did the same. Then friends and community leaders provided a blessing and poured their sand over our vows.. red, orange, etc. The result is that our vows are forever sealed, surrounded by the blessings or our friends.

The bottle sits on display in the dining room. Next to the bottle are two replica scrolls. These are tied and sealed for a year. On the fourth, we open them and read again the vows we gave.

It is funny, but after a year it can be difficult to recall what was written. When we open them, it is like discovering anew what we promised.

You know that thing that happens when someone is overcome with emotion? and tries very hard to compose themselves to continue speaking but has difficulty continuing?

Yeah.. that happens. It can be a very charged and powerful moment.. filled with the energy of our love and devotion.. amplified by those in the crowd caught up in the moment. You can feel the way the energy of that moment just lights up the area.

We encourage others to profess their appreciation for their slave, sub, owner, Master, partner. Often people are unprepared. or shy. This year however we were joined and I have to say the the feeling of persons professing the appreciation for their partner is something to be experienced.

Words cannot properly express what the heart feels at moments like these and the joy can be infectious..

I look forward to years to come.. with more and more people choosing to do a collaring.. or a renewal or join us in speaking up to express a special bond. So often there exists between those in the BDSM community incredible bonds that should be recognized.

Afterwards we enjoyed some food, snacks and beverages and put the Dungeon to good use. It was a real joy to lay hands on again. It is a delight to dance again after such a long hiatus.

Next year’s event is already posted. We will start just a little later to give more time for the day to cool down, the sun to start setting, and the fire and pathway lights to be more enjoyable..

We were blessed to be joined by so many wonderful people. From the bottom of my heart.. thank you for sharing this moment with us. Carpe Diem my friends.. be someone’s great day!

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