Pampered Pet Part 2

My slave was bent over before me waiting and I was already hard. Restrained to the bed, she awaited whatever came next. I turned to our travel bags and pulled out one of my favorite floggers and smiled. This was probably not the romantic get-away she had envisioned… but then that is the interesting part of being a slave.. you never know what the Master will desire from you… next.

(Part 2 is a continuation of this)

The sound of leather on skin reverberated through the huge bedroom, bouncing off the walls and ceiling high overhead. I wasn’t worried about disturbing guest in the rooms next to us. The bedroom was sunken…nearly a whole floor lower than ground level and that meant the walls were almost certainly concrete. Part Dungeon, part boudoir, the setting was perfect for the weekend of debauchery I had planned.

My slave moaned softly as my leather strikes caressed her skin and my cock twitched in anticipation of using the wet and willing slave before me. I threw the flogger to the side, perhaps a little too anxious to mount her.

I took her from behind, thrusting deep. I grabbed a shoulder, wanting something more substantial than hair. I have a hungry beast inside. It waits for moments like these and I have no desire to put the animal back in its cage once unleashed.

In my younger years this would all be over shortly but these days it takes more time for the sweet soul-wrenching sensation of pending orgasm to flood over me.

Some call the orgasm a “little death”. Certainly we lose all sense of ourselves when gripped by this incredible pleasure we simply call sex. So it was that we found ourselves exhausted, and in each others arms…. round one complete.

I fed her chocolate covered strawberries, dipped in heavy whipped cream and we sipped wine… for a bit. A familiar swelling signaled round two. I grabbed her by the throat, fucking her savagely. I like to ride my toys hard…

It was late.. I put the strawberries in the fridge, and passed out but a friendly familiar throbbing woke me. So I woke her.. with something hard and hungry.. And that was round three.

Not sure why… I couldn’t sleep after that. My exhausted slave slipped easily back into sleep but I browsed my phone..started this blog, then got up to retrieve the heavy whipped cream from the fridge. I woke her a second time.. and placed her between my legs.

The cream was cold against my skin, but a clear invitation to my slave to clean my body with her tongue. She did so efficiently and I encouraged her to add more.

A coy smile from between my legs, she dove into the game, spreading cream over my cock, thighs, and stomach… Such fun.. to give this slutty little slave a moment of creative control.. A moment where she was allowed to indulge briefly in the love she has for the Master she serves.

My cock pulsed and throbbed under her very talented tongue and she sucked on me hungrily. I threw her onto her back then and started round four of pounding the pussy that is mine.

There comes a time when the well is dry. She came quickly enough but I hovered on that edge… feeling my balls tighten and the rush of orgasm only seconds away… but never quite made it there.. I promised her she would deliver what I missed in the morning.

The get-away included a breakfast.. We did some souvenir shopping, packed the car, and took one last visit to our room. I had promised after all..

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I placed her on her knees like a good slave. She took my cock into her mouth.. It is her pleasure to serve. Licking, and sucking, my slave can easily be rewarded with a mouthful of Master’s cum in minutes. The only question is.. do I finish with a forceful handful of hair or not.

I do love a handful of hair. I love to pull her down onto me with a grip on her shoulder or tits. She swallowed and licked her lips. Master was pleased..

Back to the car.. I put some music on and we started the long drive home… Her pussy she tells me is sore.. not last night.. but now.. Pampered? Pounded? It’s all the same to us.

Carpe Diem My friends.. Be someone’s great day

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