A little slave pampering

i love my slave the way that I love my Mustang and Jeep. I beat all three pretty hard when I play with them but then I lovingly clean them up for next time.

My slave was looking forward to our getaway in the Poconos and was especially loving..curled up against Master at every chance.

She presented herself in a very nice dress which I had her display for me in a number of poses. Very sexy but the panties had to go.

I pressed her up against the wall at every opportunity taking advantage of her exposure. I like running my fingers under her skirt. I love when my property is wet, teased, excited, and anxious for more of me.

Dinner was delicious. Both for the exquisitely prepared meal as well as the slow torture of her building tension.

In the fields outside, deer that were nearly tame are grazing. A mother and her two tiny babes.. The fawns are still covered in white dots and hid timidly behind mom. So cute!

We walked past these, a gift shop, and a bar on our way to our room. I ordered ice and strawberries for our room then cracked open a bottle of strawberry moscato.

We retired to the jacuzzi and relaxed a bit before the main even. In the bedroom, a round bed. Above, a black ceiling with “star lights” that twinkled.

I had her kneel and put on her cuffs. We pulled a rope under the mattress creating anchor points and I bent her over the bed, securing her to it.

Phone battery getting low…more to come later…






Continued here

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