Your boss’s boss

I don’t usually talk about work.  It can be a weird thing being both a Dominant and an employer.  There are lines that I want to make sure I don’t cross.   I need to make sure that the reflex responses I have with my consensual slave, don’t bleed over in the mannerisms at work.

The power dynamics at work however are very,  very interesting.  I find that with my upper management I tend to be very much like a submissive.   Their desires become my desires… their wants and needs become my focus…  Interestingly it does not rub my Dominant nature the wrong way.   The needs of my slave come first too.  In many ways the give and take of the BDSM relation has elements on both sides of the equation that are shared.

Now an interesting situation has begun to occur at work.  The boss above my boss has started to come to me directly with tasks and questions.   This is very interesting from a power perspective.

On the one side, it probably means that my boss’s boss .. we’ll call him “my VP”… recognizes that my immediate boss is a very busy man and doesn’t need to be bothered with every little detail.    It may also mean that my VP has developed a sense of trust that he can count on me and doesn’t need a “whip” to make sure what he gives me gets done… and by whip I mean he goes to my boss to make sure my boss follows up and sees that I get my task done.

On the other side this is a very dangerous development.   It’s never good to have your boss going directly to your employees and not be in the loop.    By circumnavigating my boss – my VP is feeding a sense of insecurity ( presuming my boss has those).  It is important when dealing with a superior to be viewed as an asset and not a threat.  Even if he does not have any insecurities there will be that nagging question of loyalty to be entertained.  Every boss knows that there are employees who just don’t like you and you can never be sure if that will turn into a problem for your authority.

Mind you..  I am not looking for advise.  I’ve navigated the waters of corporate politics for decades and I feel confident that this can be turned to a possessive..  a win win if you will.    Its all just very interesting and it has me wondering a bit… where is the BDSM hook?     I am thinking this might be more of a situation arising from poly dynamics rather than a two person BDSM relation.

Anyway… great sharing with you as always.   Stay safe..  stay free..   Mental health is important too so if you are feeling claustrophobic from Covid-19 lock down go for a walk in the woods, stand beside a stream, enjoy the view from a mountain top… unless of course your local government is restricting travel for mental health in which case I would get a doctors prescription for a walk in the woods first…  Sad that its come to that, eh?   Carpe Diem my friends..  Do your best to be someone’s great day!



2 thoughts on “Your boss’s boss

  1. X-

    What an interesting situation. You definitely covered all sides of the coin here…I’m curious to know how your boss’s boss’s boss’s boss boss (aka immediate boss, ha) will “feel” about the situation. Again, like you said he could also be so fucking busy that he does not give a flying fuck but then again he is still your immediate boss regardless. But then again they both are…sorta.

    Thanks for sharing, great read.

    -slave bri


  2. @KinkyKlarity – Regarding curious.. I am too but sometimes its best to leave a sleeping dog lie. I would rather do what I can to minimize any concerns, than come right out with a direct question like “Are you OK with this?” Questions generate thought I have no control over that thought process, nor the problem that raises the question, so best to correct with action. Trust is built on action not words. That I can control, and the outcome is more assured.


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