Short attention span theatre

It has always driven me a little crazy how politicians can do something awful or something really great and 30 days later everyone is refocused on something entirely new.  For most people its not the historical view of a thing that makes it good or bad its what’s being said TODAY that matters..  or so it seems to me.

Remember when Covid_19 first made you very concerned for yourself and your loved ones?   There was the panic.. the need to make sure you were doing all you could.. and then nothing.. and more nothing.. as you social distanced.  Maybe you lost loved ones.. maybe it never got that close…  but as we get closer to the 30 days since your concern peaked..  short attention span theatre kicks in…  I even see it in myself..  thoughts like.. so what.. its not that bad..  maybe I should invite a bunch of friends over for some good times….

AND NOW FOR THE BDSM HOOK… (you knew it was coming didn’t you)

The same is true for BDSM.   If BDSM is not your orientation.. if BDSM is a lifestyle choice, not who you are…  it will slip over time.  That’s just the way it is.  It is very easy to let a little thing go here or there…  a rule..   a protocol…   little slip ups get to slide…

It’s no different for a bottom than a top.  If you are a Dom but don’t feel it, it becomes too much trouble to enforce.. to sit down and talk..  to chastise and review the slip ups.   If you are a submissive it becomes too much trouble to follow every detail of your protocols.. too easy to skip what might not be noticed..  You get too busy for that..

There is a thing we call the 90 day Dom..  who can fake it for 90 days but then starts to slide.  There should be a 90 day sub category too.   This is just one more reason to take it slow when your hormones are raging, the sex is great, and you want to dive in head first.  It’s one more reason I support the three collars at every turn.

So yeah.. if you were lucky enough to find that someone special who fulfills all your kinky desires.. and was not just a flash in the pan 90 day wonder… then Covid-19 distancing probably isn’t a problem.  At least not for the introverts..  Those who are a little more extroverted will still be dealing with a need.


Mental health.  There are people not dealing with this whole thing so well.   I see it all around my community.   There are folks freaking out.  Personally I was designed from the ground up for an apocalypse so that’s not me.. but I get it.  If you are having trouble dealing I highly recommend a walk in the woods.. to stand by a stream or river.. or a mountain top.   The world is a beautiful place..  so go get some..  Carpe diem my friends… be someone’s great day.

6 thoughts on “Short attention span theatre

  1. LOVE THIS! This is the issue that I’m having….I’m “strong” NEED to husband has struggled with this he isnt consistent and has basically given up…I can feel see the effects but it’s just not his nature…leaving me at crossroad


  2. @kizi13 You are not alone. This is a very common problem. Many of us did not know that there was a community of like minded people when we first connected. The person we fell in love with had other qualities and that missing element was easy to push away as not important..or too kinky to demand. It is a difficult road to traverse for both of you. I wish I had great advise to offer but the truth is that there are no simple answers.

    One solution is often to go poly.. keep your loved one close but go outside the relation for you kink. This is often agree to as long as there is no sex..but here is the thing… People that agree to this think that sex is major attraction held to be held in reserve.. it is not. A Dom / sub relationship even without sex can be more intense, more intimate, for soul wrenching than a sexual one.. and that is not hard to see. Many people have casual sex. Its just not that important to them. But BDSM requires a new level of trust..of give and take… and in that dynamic a very powerful bond is formed.

    I wish you both safe passage through this… Carpe Diem.


  3. Thanks! Not that easy he was aware of my mindset (maybe not as deep) and I misunderstood who I thought he was. For me it is all one I’m attracted to dominance. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle one without the other and we are Christian as well so there is that. Lol I’ve debated on separating the two but he would never go for it and I’m not sure I can(I’m very faithful) I’d probably end my marriage but the older I get the more I realize it’s something I need to focus if that makes sense

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  4. @kizi13 you might also have misunderstood who you are. I did. I thought I could live a vanilla life.. I got married… Then I realized I was not able to do it. Now divorced. Lots of pain all around which I regret. Sigh… Ultimately, only you know who and what you are and need.. the trick is being completely honest with yourself and then making decisions that work in the larger scheme of your life.

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  5. You are absolutely right! I didn’t fully understand my self not sure I still do(just turned 33 on the 5th) but I’m learning a little more and more. I’ve been a widow and I hate the idea of divorce


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