Second Life to the rescue!

Normally you would never hear these words pass my lips but these are not normal times.   Try Second Life!

For those of us who live it 24X7 or manage to get to a play party once in a while Second Life is insipid.   It is the refuge of folks who are distanced or otherwise can’t play in real life… hello?

None of us can play in real life now unless you are living with your play partner.  Your first life.. aka your “real” life is on hold now what with “in place sheltering” and all.

So now is your chance to find out what all those persons with a virtual “Second Life” have been so keen on all this time.   For you first timers there are some things to get used to.. ways of interacting that are expected.   As a newbie you will take a while to adjust… but you’ll get there and learn.

Second life can stir your imagination and fire up your juices and since many of us have nothing better to do but sit and long for some interaction.. why not give it a whirl?  Keep your profile nilla and you can visit awesome places.. musuems, natural wonders…

Years ago I was thrown off the Star Trek Enterprise Ship for my inappropriate BDSM attire.  I mention that little mishap because it should give you an idea just how deep the rabbit hole can go.  There are some VERY cool places to go and see..  Some are kinky and some are not.

Release your inner child and let yourself play.  Carpe Diem.. sieze the day and make it yours!  And along the way, try to be someone’s great day!

It all begins here >>

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