Hope is alive!

More good news for you to focus on!



While the TOTAL number of cases and deaths continues to rise, notice how the number of NEW cases has started to drop as citizens begin to take seriously, the need to “Social Distance”.



Let’s talk for a moment about “Social Distancing”.  We are social people but in this day and age we don’t socialize the way we did 100 years ago.   Hell we don’t even socialize the way we did ten years go.

We are not “Social Distancing” thanks to FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs, and community online resources.   We are “Physical Distancing”.    This is doable.   Don’t get caught up in the negativity of distancing.

We are all still in touch, and there is much to be hopeful for.



Now let’s talk for a moment about this “Physical Distancing”.   As today’s CDC shows, “Physical Distancing” works to slow the spread.

We cannot however simply do this for months on end.   I fully expect that we are going to do a “Distancing on”, “Distancing off, “Distancing on”, “Distancing off”, thing.

By dialing back, then letting off, then repeating, we will see waves of infections come in.. But here is the hopeful part of that.  These waves will come in manageable bite size waves.



Yes, there will be infections, and yes there will be deaths.  That is going to happen.  But don’t buy into the negativity.   We have drugs now in testing, vaccines in human trials, more new drugs on the way,  drive-thru testing,  15 minutes tests,  in home test kits coming..

These “WAVES” will give us time to deal with the infected.  The treatments will get better with each wave.  In between we can regroup and improve.



Hang in there people.. hope has arrived!   Carpe Diem!  Go forth virtually speaking and be someone’s great day.  Maybe you should reach out to an ederly shut in and see if you can bring supplies.  Be someone’s great day!