Hope is on its way

Back in January, I started preparing for the worse and hoping for the best.

Two weeks ago I saw the need to “flatten the curve”, so I wrote about doing what you can to social distance.

Stories of craziness came in and I wrote about staying calm. We need to be focused but civil.

Then we had the last supper… A last chance for us to get together for a sense of normalcy before we hunkered down and got very serious about social distancing.

Then I wrote about my frustration about just waiting… and waiting.. and waiting.. All my planning was done.. nothing left to do…


A dear friend and brother in leather wrote this:

As a bit of a control freak, this feeling of having no control over a situation takes me out of my wheelhouse. Even though so much was a false sense of control, I hate not even having that anymore. And as a planner it is difficult with rules and news changing multiple times a day.

I get it. In fact I wrote about the same sentiments a few days earlier. Another good friend and brother in leather who is in law enforcement wrote about his concerns of rising violence. I get that too..


We are in uncharted waters


There is plenty of reason to be concerned, fearful, panicky… but as your mind goes so too do your actions. Now is the time for the power of positive thinking. While you are busy learning to deal with social distancing, stay positive… there is much to be hopeful for…

Labs in countries all over the world are working hard… Vaccines are in human trials…. The world might finally have a drug that helps instead of just putting people in beds and watching them… In the US… Bayer donated 3 million doses…. FDA will fast track the testing… drive through testing is picking up speed.. Extra hospital beds plans are mobilizing… Most people are starting to understand the need to social distance… We have lots of reason for hope!

If you find yourself overwhelmed, take a walk.. hug a tree… stand on a mountain… go to a park.. walk in the woods… Nature is healing… The hustle and bustle of the electronic era never was good for your blood pressure.. It’s good to step back, take a deep breath and slow down once in a while..

Some people knew this instinctively. For those of you forced to do it now.. take it as a experience from which you can diversify your thinking and grow. We have much to do to make this a great planet to live on. This might be the tough love we needed to come together and do the right things.

Carpe Diem my friends.. Be someone’s great day.. at a distance of course!

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