Be civil

In a panic some people will kill to get on a lifeboat.  Others will help people get onto a lifeboat, even at the risk of their own life.

What concerns me is that for years I’ve witnessed selective cherry picking of news and events to be sent out in various media with my underlying concern that the message just barely concealed a deep and abiding hatred being justified by these cherry picked “facts”.  In other words, civility is dead.  Aggression for the sake of a cause is justified on a micro and macro scale.. and that is bad especially now when we should be helping people onto lifeboats, not clawing our way on.

Having stated my concern, here is my message. Be civil.  Speak from a place of love.  Question where your words are coming from before speaking.  Open your heart.  Let go of anger, fear, and hate.   Be patient.  Hug a tree.  Now is the time for quiet actions grounded in compassion.  Come together.

All we need is love.

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