You could be “outted” soon… by Corona

We are all following the Corona Virus and have all drawn our own conclusions on how contagious or deadly it may be and what we’ll do about it, but consider this.

You go to a local dungeon or home and there are a bunch of people there that you only know as MasterThis or slaveThat.   In the BDSM community, we often don’t tell anyone what our real name is…

Now image someone at that event contracts the CoronaVirus.. aka Covid-19.  What is your country’s or local government’s reaction?  To trace back where you’ve been and who you came in contact with of course.  Who have you come in contact with?  You don’t know.  You only know it was a bunch of people called MasterThis or slaveThat.  Image the public reaction. 

I can see the headlines now…

“Local sex club spreads virus – infection potential unknown”.    Local official were shocked to learn that there was an illegal sex club operating right under their noses.  Health official investigating a person who  recently contracted the CoronaVirus discovered that the patient was unable to provide information about who or how many people that they came in close personal contact with, because persons in this sex club all use alias names.


If you think the nillas get excited during normal times just wait until Corona spreads at an event.  They will start demanding org records and researching names in Fet.  Much of this will be new and shocking when they discover just how many of us there are.  It might just be a real eye opener for some people living in their own little vanilla world.

Yes, health records are suppose to be private, but the impact a club or org has on the safety of the community is definitely in the realm of public news.  Don’t think news orgs whose existence is for profit…  aren’t draw like flies to a juicy headline.. Sex sells…  period!

We of the BDSM community operate with dual lives for a very good reason.  The world is not ready to accept S&M..  laws that are designed to protect victims of domestic abuse have a crushing effect on our right to consent.  DSM 5 may have forced the medical community to accept that BDSM is not a sickness but the general public still sees it as sick, twisted or a mental illness.  Dominance and submission often riles up the politically correct who worship at the all might alter of equality.  I know members of my own family think S&M people are mentally ill… that only a sick person would submit to living with someone that is domineering.

The nilla reaction to our presence is absolutely not a good under normal circumstances.  It will be much worse if it thinks that people that are sick in the head are endangering them and their loved ones.

Ahhhh… .. but what if someone gets corona but not at your local org?  Doesn’t matter.  Health officials will still want to know where you’ve been and with who… which will lead to mentioning all your BDSM friend hangouts…

I’m not one to love conspiracy theories, but it also occurs to me that the Corona virus scare is an oppressive government’s dream situation for finding out connections and gathering information.

Ah well.. worry about what you can change, and let go of what you cannot.  In line with that thinking..  start thinking now about how you might respond… not if but when… asked for your recent contacts.  Ideally you will already be prepared to respond with comments like.. I was at a party at a friends house.. not that I was at a sex club!   Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!