Happy Valentines Day!

Hope springs eternal!

If you are still single, treat yourself today to something nice.. maybe a nice long warm bath, or a delicious meal.  Focus on the positives.. go out an fulfill your interests..  do the things you never dared before..  Seize the day!  Carpe Diem

It is not by seeking others that others find you.  It is the life of the party that draws people.. so find and do what makes you happy.. and be fulfilled..  It is in the path of living life to the fullest that others are drawn and from that drawing a connection will be made.

Serendipity… the universe puts people together at awkward moments.. and unexpected ways..  An intersection where you have the chance to be annoyed or to open your heart.  Don’t turn away from these chance encounters.. Let your warmth and heart guide you.  Turn these moments into your chance to be someone’s great day.

If you are lucky enough to have already had that chance encounter.. don’t ruin it.  Don’t poison yourself by focusing on the things wrong in your relation..  Focus on the good.. and tell him or her so.  Let the person in your life know you want them.. take them on a date again, even if you live in the same house..  Make every day a Valentines day!

Opening your heart, letting the past slide, enjoying the warmth of another is too wonderful a gift to put effort into only once a year…  Carpe Diem my friends.. be someone one’s fantastic day!


Ahem.. a later addition.. this may sound silly but I’m sitting in my office like a little kid on Christmas night, waiting for my big  “date” with my slave… sure I live with her and see her every day.. but I’s still really looking forward to it..  I’d post a pic of my “surprise” for her but she might see it before hand..  It’s best if you give a girl nice things with an audience.. better if she blushes.. I’ll post the pic tomorrow..

The bag contained chocolate and jewelry.. oh and more chocolate…