Someone worth dying for

I was reading an account by a Jewish fellow who survived the death camps of World War II.  His main point?  No single group is entirely your friend or entirely your enemy.  In some cases he was got help in unexpected places… like German citizens.  Visa-versa some fellow Jews turned on him.

He says… You cannot know what living in abject fear will do to you until you live it.   He also said that while people tend to tell hero stories there were in fact very few real heroes.. by that he means that very few persons disregarded their own safety for the well being of others.

I understand.  Love and personal sacrifice do not come easily to me either.   I would say that never in my life has there been someone that I absolutely knew in my heart that I would die for.   Not family, not friends.  I don’t fear death as much as the pain of dying..  so fear would keep me frozen I think.

There are only four questions of value in life, Don Octavio.

* What is sacred?
* Of what is the spirit made?
* What is worth living for,
* and what is worth dying for?

The answer to each is the same, only love – Don Juan DeMarco

I lay in bed trying to sleep.. waiting for my over active brain to realize it was time to shut down for the day..  and it hit me.  My slave is someone worth dying for.

Not because of love, but because of my personal needs.     I just don’t think I’m the hero type.  I don’t think I would easily lay down my life for anyone.    I am very happy to give of my time.  I give back all the time.  But to lay down my entire life for one cause?  In her case, yes.

It’s not worth going on living if I have to start that search all over again… I can’t imagine giving up what I have now.  It would probably be better to die trying to save her, than to give up all hope.  Izrina thinks I say this because of love. Maybe…  Perhaps my slave sees more in me than I see in myself… or she is living in rose colored glasses.

I searched way too long to start that damn search over.  She is someone that fits me perfectly.  She fills my wants and needs as I fill hers.  My life is really, really good right now.. better than any other time in my entire life.

It is true that I love that little wench…. my bouncy little flogger bunny.. the fire slut of my dreams.. I think it’s more than Love though that makes her that important.   I love my family and friends too..  but there is more going on between us.

There is a raw open connection between Master and slave.  Her body is mine but it is my ownership of her mind, her will, and her information that makes this more.  There are none of the personal boundaries that nilla relations have.. no walls.. no hidden truths… Our connection is incredibly intimate and intensely satisfying.

At the end of the day, does the reason really matter?  Its wonderful to have someone in your life that you would be willing to die for.  That is not to say that if she desired her freedom, I would not let go.  I am a Master.  We must do what we must do for those we love.  I just hope I  never have to face either challenge..  Carpe Diem my friends… be someone’s great day.