Sex Kitten

Izrina and I have had the pleasure of meeting a human kitten recently and she has been coming around the house more and more frequently.  I have to say that she is a real pleasure to have around.  She’s a natural submissive, friendly, warm, cooperative and always willing to help out.  Her Fet name is Jade.. She’s a sexy little kitten…

I recently brought Izrina and Jade to a workshop I gave on knives and I used both as bottom bunnies for the demo portion.   Jade is fun because she replies in mews and purrs and when beaten she begins to claw the air like a cat kneading furniture… and the more she enjoys what you are doing.. the louder her yowls get..  Its nice as a top to have that constant audible feedback on how you are doing…

I’ve always liked kitty’s and puppies that snuggle up at your feet and who you can evoke lovely sounds from as you stroke them.  As we were driving home that night I began to ruminate on how wonderful it is when people use their imagination.  I referenced Miracle on 34th Street..   You know.. where imagination is when you see something and its not really there….  Here it is again if you forgot…

It really is a shame that we as adults have forgotten how much fun it can be to use our imagination.   Of course the furries haven’t forgotten.   Come to think of it.. neither have the littles.  I’m sure we could put many more on the list..

It takes a little bit of creativity to enter the imagi-NATION….   I’ve often thought it would be fun to just sit down and start coloring in a coloring book and let go of all adult worries…

Then there are artists… creative genius’s who pull from their imagination wonderful things you can see and hold.   A mind truly is a terrible thing to waste.  Maybe artists aren’t that far apart from furries and littles.

Take Calvin and Hobbes..  the child of cartoon fame with the overactive imagination..  I was once very much like him.  I remember great afternoons as a child, diving to the  bottom of the ocean in my submarine made from a cardboard box… or commanding a tank made from the same…

We should absolutely encourage folks who can do this… furries, kittens, puppies, ponies, littles, and such.  If we haven’t played make believe in a while, maybe we should.  I always say that to have a great day, be someone’s great day… but who says your playmate has to be made of real flesh and blood?

Go forth my friends..  unleash your inner child and play.. go make a great day!

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