Love and NY Life

New York Life… an insurance company… has a commercial and every time it comes on I want to spit nails…


On one side.. I am happy that their commercial will educate more folks about the concept of different kinds of love.   The first one they mention.. philia.. will instantly be recognized in the name of the city of brotherly love.. Philadelphia.   I am a little surprised that they didn’t give a tip of the hat to that city in their commercial.

What really burns my buns is their description of Apage as the love that takes action…  really?   really?????   Are you fucking kidding me???  So you are saying that Eros ..  the love of passion is not defined by action?   Grrrrrrr!

I just fucking know that I am going to be giving a workshop on energy play.. and talking about the two kinds of love defined by white and red energy.. and someone who has seen this misleading commercial is going to dive into an argument based on this misinformation.

This may seem like a lot of huff for one little commercial but here is the thing.. I work in an office where a TV is on in the background all of the time..  And so I am subjected to certain commercials.. like this one.. and Kars for kids (other ggrrrr…) multiple times an hour.  After a while even the most cute commercial grates on the nerves but when there is something wrong in it.. well OMG!

I would have had no problem with the New York Life commercial if they had said that Agape is the love of compassion.. which it is.   The problem is.. compassion means that this type of love as unconditional love… and unconditional love takes no action against those who have done wrong.   It is Eros love, the love of passion, is conditional and takes action against those that break the conditions of their love.

I would argue that all love has action.   Agape love  however, the love compassion, the unconditional love, often takes NO Action which is what is driving my aggravation with this misinformation.   I would agree that Agape does take action in the form of support. Again, all loves have an action of some sort… so I can’t be completely pissed off.  Its just that I think that their state that Agape is THE love of action is sending the wrong message.   Ah well…  Nothing to do but rant and move on..

Carpe Diem my friends.. be someone’s great day.


4 thoughts on “Love and NY Life

  1. Please no, stay with Eros on this one. It’s too important to let slide. I bet you’re not the only one whose teeth got ground on this. This is like basic Greek. If they can’t get Greek right, how good can their insurance really be?

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  2. @Isabella LeCour Thank you for validating my rant. I am not a fan of when others rant so I felt a little sheepish doing one myself.. thing is.. chakras, love, energy,… all of that is important to me and I have strong feelings about what I believe in regards to them – but I know better than to let opposing views get my goat. Its the side of me that is powerless to correct this, combined with hearing it a few times an hour, that has me aggravated.

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  3. @Isabella LeCour – True.. On the plus side, they are making people more aware of the fact that love is not as simple as a single concept.


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