The simple brutal truth is, when you wear leather you are covering  yourself with flesh carved from another living thing.   I’m OK with that.

I have leather brothers and sisters..  I wear leather boots, leather pants, a leather vest, and leather belt.  The brutality of leather though gives me pause.  I feel a bit like a barbarian when I wear it, because I am conscious of were it came from.   Don’t judge me two harshly though…

The majority of people I know are carnivores.  We love bacon, steak, burgers, sausage and peppers, or chicken.  We like our meat on the bone, carved into chunks, ground up and sometimes stuffed back into the animals intestine tubes (sausage).  The manner in which a lobster is prepared is especially brutal.. but I love the taste of big chunks of lobster tail dipped in butter!  yum!  I’ve been known to say.. Thank God for vegetarians it leaves more bacon for us carnivores.

I might be wrong.. but in the USA… I would say there are more carnivores than herbivores…. and then there are vegans…   Carnivores pay for slaughter, herbivores are ok with animal husbandry and animal use.. while vegans are a breed unto themselves.. no milk collected from “enslaved and abused” cows.. etc.. etc…


If you are a leather person.. man or woman..  I assume there is no point in being a herbivore…  though you may choose it for health instead of ethics…   The simple truth is, if you are going to slaughter an animal for food…. and then stretch out its skin to dry and be dyed so you can wear it…  you should embrace your nature….

Super markets and fast food chains have separated you from the brutality of your choice.   If civilization ended tomorrow and you had to kill and butcher your own food, you might have a problem with that…. at first…  But you would get over it… Starvation is a great motivator.. Ask the Donnor party. or maybe the Survivors of Urigiayan Air Force Flight 571 who resorted to anthropophagy as told in the movie and book “Alive”.

So yeah…  we seem civilized…. in our shiny black leather… but if you really think about it.. we really are just barbarians in Gentlemen’s clothing… (with a tip of the hat to the blogger by the same name).

Carpe Diem my friends… be someone’s great day