February 28th, 2016 I began this blog.  My first post is here.    To get an idea of where this blog is coming from.. to see my first thoughts when this blog started.. click on that link and compare where I started from where I am today…

When I started it was all about just putting my life and words out there.  I had no intention of trying to get bigger, with more and more followers.  I think I’ve done a fair job of keeping my ego in check.. but then I am a Dom.. and an Owner.. and I know sometimes its hard to see the forest for the trees.

Still.. from time to time I check my stats.  I can’t figure out why some days I have a hundred hits and others just twenty.  I think its often because I liked someone else and their followers came over to check me out.

More interesting though is my follower count.  Last week it was 148.  This week started with 124.  Two persons started following but the count is still 125.. so someone dropped.  I think about these things and of course my ego roars…. so I shove it in a corner and tell it to be a nice kitty.

To those still following, I hope there are words here that make sense to you.. that have value..  If not, go ahead and leave.. I won’t mind.   It is far better to have five great friends than 100 acquaintances.   It’s about value.  If what I say has no value for you, that’s OK.  We can’t like everyone.. we can only give them respect and space as required.

If you do stick around.. I’m glad that we’ve found each other.  Please feel free to share your perspective in comments… I don’t bite that hard… I promise…

Carpe Diem my friends.. Be someone’s great day!