Love, Tantra, balance

Yeah… Love… I could write a book. .  Here comes the second installment.  Part one is here.   In part two I want to dive into my thoughts on the more esoteric elements of love..

My slave and I practice a form of Tantra mediation.  We also do guided mediation with groups from time to time.   Let’s run through them, shall we?


At the base of the spine near the genitals is the red chakra..  we are going to talk about this again.  Following the ROY-G-BIV color wheel the next chakra is orange, at the hips, followed by yellow at the diaphragm.


At the center is the heart.. which you might think is red but it is green.. the color most associate with envy..  not sure how that started.

And finally there is blue at the throat, purple at the third eye at the forehead, and the crown at the top of the head.    I see the crown as white, though people that I have mediated with report the crown as gold…


Devils are red.  Angels are white.  Red is the chakra at the genitals.  White is the crown chakra.  I don’t think this is coincidence.   There are at least two different types of love and both are very different, even though they are both still Love.

The white chakra is the center of agape love… love like a parent has for a child.. love that is unconditional.  When you feel agape love you know that you are forgiven..  that no matter what, this person will always show care and kindness to  you.  White love, or agape love is compassion.  It is unconditional and takes no actions..  enforces no limits..  and does not punish.

The red chakra is the center of eros love… the love of a lover… love that is earthy and conditional.  This love is needy.. it looks to consume their lover.. to merge into one… sexually and otherwise.  Red love, or eros love is passion.  It it is conditional and will act if displeased.. it has limits… and will punish misbehavior.



Zen cannot be taught.  But there are people who teach it.    They are guides that lead the student to discover Zen for themselves.   Zen may be practiced while arranging flowers, painting a lovely painting, or while slicing an opponent in two with a sword.  A Zen artist may spend hours arranging their tools before starting.. because they have awoken the Zen inside themselves.

It makes no sense to try to further explain it, except to say that most people who “get it”.. one day “awoke” and it all became clear.



To appreciate every aspect of life.. each moment.. without holding onto your past or your future is to be closer to living with the more esoteric elements of love.  You begin to appreciate yourself and those around you in small ways.. and it opens a new world of wonder.

If you can not learn Zen, or open your chakras, you can appreciate.  There is no better way to appreciate life than to give.  I always say.. be someone’s great day.   I say this because Love is a mystery.

If I have a pile of gold coins and you have a pile of gold coins, and I give you some of mine, I have less and you have more.  This is an objective truth.

But if I give you love, you have more and I have more.  How can this be?   It is because neither of us is the source of Love.  We are conduits for a greater force.   When we channel love, we both benefit.  It is not so great a mystery as you might suppose.



When we practice this we divide into a male and female role.  The actual physical sex of the partners does not matter.  The person to be the male sits comfortably.   The person “to be female” sits on their lap, facing the “to be male” partner.

The meditation begins and we light up the red chakra first.   From the red, and with breathing exercises, we successively light up the rest of the chakras.   With the energy coursing up and down our spines, we hold the red and the white in our hearts, seeking balance..  and then we begin.

The male visualizes thrusting their energy as a lingham (penis) into their partner who receives into the yoni (Female sexual organs) and then squeezes that energy back into the male.

This process if repeated so that a rocking back and forth ensues.  As the energy rocks back and forth, sharing and exchanged, I often find myself holding my partner, our physical bodies rocking with the energy.  It is not uncommon to experience erections, excitement, and orgasms during this mediation.



I believe that great lovers arise from balance.   By this I mean that both red and white energy is employed.  That a large degree of appreciation for each other is attended to. Negatives are attended to and dismissed while positives are given Zen like attention.  From a BDSM view…  the equity of your exchange takes precedence over equality.



We all have the ability to access unlimited amounts of love.   It does not come from us, but through us.  We are conduits.. wires.. that tap into an infinite power.  If I have a pile of gold coins and i give you some I have less and you have more but if I give you love we both have more.  Tap into this.  Be a conduit for the infinite love.. compassion.. and wonder that frees your heart, mind and soul.   Know that you must face trials and hardships if you have doubts, worries, and Karma to burn.  Know that when you Love it is not just for those that deserve it.. but for all of creation.. every animal.. every tree.. ever plant… every wondrous inanimate object.  Be love, people.  As we love, as we act as conduits for love we become magnets.. and love finds us.  Keep your balance.. and remember to keep on loving…with both compassion and passion.. red and white.. be love!

Carped Diem my friends..  Be someone’s great day!

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